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“What Being A Republican Means To Me!” by Steve Rathje

“What Being A Republican Means To Me!”
by Steve Rathje on Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 10:34pm
Republicans; it’s not what we are that separates us from politics as usual, it’s who we are. And once we compromise who we are, the vary foundation on which we stand begins to crumble. Remaining forever vigilant to our values and principles regardless of opinion, defines us as those that live for the future, and learn from the past.

We as true Republicans, Conservatives, Constitutional Patriots, believe that less government, a strong military and strong family values are the three core constitutionally based principles by which our Republic was founded, and should therefore be governed and represented accordingly. Any compromise to these key principles reflects nothing more than an exercise in mediocrity, a lack of integrity, and an unwillingness to stand up for what we truly believe.

Integrity says it all, it means adhering to a firm code of ethical standards, to rise above the fray and maintain a strong moral character, regardless of opinion. It’s about honesty and truth, and the willingness to stand up for both, but most of all it’s about you, the heart that beats within you, the conscience that guides you, and the soul that will one day leave you. Freedom and liberty are not determined by politicians, political parties or governments, but rather guaranteed by natures God, and within that guarantee fall certain responsibilities to all mankind, to protect and preserve that which is most sacred to life as we believe it to be.

Being a true Republican isn’t about being a member of an organization. It’s about a way of life. It’s about God and natures law. It’s about Freedom and Liberty and the opportunities they bring. It’s about free markets and capitalism, and the ability to earn and live the American dream, and it’s about humanity and the right to personally choose how to support those less fortunate. Republicans are made up of those that empower rather than enable. They take personal responsibility and accountability for who and what they are, and they are unafraid to stand on the principles instilled in them by the One that placed them upon this earth. I’m proud to be a Republican, and I’m honored to be your friend!