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Letter to Editor on Gary Johnson and Greg Hughes – to Cedar Rapids Gazette

Seems to me that the only press third-party candidates can get in the mainstream media is negative. That’s too bad. I would like to know how the Gazette and Rod Boshart came up with the conclusion that Iowan’s aren’t interested in third-party candidates! Why is the comment section closed on the “Third party isn’t charm for Iowa voters” story? Why isn’t there a poll to see where Iowan’s really stand? If Iowan’s aren’t interested in Gary Johnson then why are his yard signs popping up all over town?
If Gary Johnson isn’t a “threat” to anyone then why did republicans across the country sue to keep him off the ballot? If our votes for Gary Johnson went to Mitt Romney, or Obama, then why bother with any law suit at all!
Not one word has been uttered about the Independent candidate for Congress, former Independent candidate for Governor, Greg Hughes. Greg Hughes is a factory worker who chairs the Iowa Child Support Advisory Committee to the Supreme Court who has been a family advocate for many years. Greg Hughes is the only candidate for congress talking about issues that are important to the Iowan’s I know that have been impacted by the court system. I am tired of the attack ads between the two attorneys constantly being aired on television I want to hear about Greg Hughes and what direction he would take District 1 if he were elected for Congress.

Greg Hughes for Congress Videos

Sticking up for families

The lawyers don’t want to include Mr. Hughes in the debates

Greg Hughes sticks up for Veterans

Hughes for Congress We need a common man in office not another lawyer


I have met all the candidates for congress and while I think that all of them are “nice guys” I am going to have to throw my support behind someone who is talking about the issues that are important to my family and friends, Greg Hughes.

I met Greg Hughes when he was running for Governor. He was motivated and traveled all around Iowa trying to convince people to vote outside of the two party paradigm. I was disappointed in the media for not talking about him simply because he wasn’t a democrat or republican. It was clear then and it’s clear now that things haven’t changed and there is no plan to mention him.

What is Greg Hughes talking about that the other candidates aren’t?

The destruction of the family unit! Why are grandparents being denied custody to their grandchildren? One grandmother was denied custody because she didn’t have enough income! So, the state will give strangers a check for a child that they put in foster care but won’t help a grandmother? What is wrong with our family court system? Why are children being put with strangers when there are family members who will take care of them?

The court system is broken! Greg is the Chair of the Iowa Child Support Recovery Committee to the Supreme Court. He talks about people who have been jailed for delinquent child support payments. One man is a veteran who was jailed even after he paid his child support! What kind of judge jails one of our veterans during such hard financial times for late child support payments? A bad judge that’s who! Even though this man paid his child support, in full, he was still forced to do time! How are people supposed to work to pay child support when they are in jail? Jail is not the answer! Jailing people over things like this is a huge problem in Iowa.

Greg is talking about disaster reform. In 2008, 78 of the 99 counties in Iowa were declared a “federal disaster”. “More than $153 million in federal assistance has been approved for individuals, businesses and communities in Iowa, according to state and federal recovery officials.” This money has been misused in so many ways it’s not funny! This needs to stop! To this day the City of Cedar Rapids is using FEMA money just because it’s there!

While homes that were rebuilt were demolished for a check the city complains that there isn’t enough affordable housing! UNREAL!

People impacted by disasters shouldn’t have ever been forced to sell their homes in a “voluntary property acquisition”!

Greg Hughes is genuinely concerned for the people of Iowa and we finally have a chance to elect someone who isn’t afraid to deal with entities such as the “Child Support Recovery Unit” and “DHS” or the “Department of Human Services”. We need reform and there is no way that these LAWYERS running for office are going to give us any hope for that!

I have spent a lot of time vetting all the candidates. I’ve given the other candidates the opportunity to “win me over” but neither one of them will touch anything that I feel is important to Iowans! It’s important to know who is on the ticket this election and to vote wisely. A vote for the democrat or republican is a vote for the status quo. A vote for Greg Hughes is the only way to go!

I hope that everyone gets out and votes for him so that we can get to work on this! The only way we’re going to be able to take our power back is if we take it away from the attorney’s that have spent years profiting off of us and our misfortunes!

The U.S. House 1st Districts Republican race for Congress heats up as the June 5th Primary nears

The Iowa Republicans of District 1 have not yet chosen a nominee for the Congressional races; that will be determined at the June 5th primaries.

There are two candidates on the ballot and one candidate with an enthusiastic group of grassroots supporters working on a write in campaign. The three candidates are parallel in many ways but they are incredibly different from one another. In the end it all comes down to who would be the strongest candidate to take on Democratic Congressman, Bruce Braley.

Former congressional candidate Steve Rathje has a strong following as a write in candidate. His supporters have been feverishly working the social networking sites and sending emails in search of support. Rathje’s supporters argue that the bar be raised within the party. They aren’t satisfied with either of the two candidates on the ballot. For more information on Steve Rathje’s write in campaign please visit: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003823120547

In Ben Lange’s latest ad he stated “For centuries American progress has depended upon a generational compact in which each generation creates the conditions for the next generation to live better than the last” he continues “The current political leadership has indebted my girls to the tune of $150,000 before they can even ride a bike.” Ben has been big on the budget that Bruce Braley only recently became interested in fixing. “Our national debt has skyrocketed to $16 trillion and DC politicians now borrow $0.40 of every dollar spent.” -Ben Lange

Ben Lange’s name might sound familiar but that’s because he ran against Braley in 2010 and we were saturated with television ads of those two bantering back and forth. That was before the district lines changed. Lange lost that election by less than 2% of the vote. Will the district changes help or hurt Lange in the primary? We will soon find out! For more information on Ben Lange please visit: http://www.langeforcongress.com/

Finally, there is the black sheep of the ticket, Rod Blum. Blum is an enthusiastic liberty candidate from Dubuque who is clearly not one of our typical “politicians”. Blum has vowed to take a cut in pay down to the average American’s income and even wants to limit his own term.

Blum has spoken out against NDAA, the National Defense Authorization Act that allows the government to detain American’s without any probable cause & denies them due process. And he has spoken out against the latest Act the government is attempting to push through Congress called CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing Protection Act, an act that allows government officials to spy on your online activities, it’s similar to SOPA: Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill that Congressman Bruce Braley voted against. For more information on Rod Blum visit: http://rodblum.com/

I feel great pressure to endorse one of the three candidates for the June 5 primary but after meeting all three of them I have come to the conclusion that I won’t even know until I am in the voting booth. Getting to know the candidates is good but sometimes it only makes it more difficult to choose! On a personal level, I like all three of them! All three of them have great potential and would make fine nominees for the Republican Party .

No matter who it is they are up against a man who is very popular among voters. Braley, is, in a lot of ways—is the liberty candidate in the Democratic Party and oftentimes votes against the grain on controversial issues. This is going to be a heated race no matter who takes the republican nomination after the June 5 Primary!

I urge people to research their candidates and to reach out now, while they are in campaign mode, because once they do go to work to represent us they suddenly become harder to reach!

THE CONSTITUTION IS COMING TO YOU! Rod Blum Announces First District Tour

Dubuque, IA – Republican Congressional Candidate Rod Blum will begin a 20 county tour Thursday. The tour, named “The Constitution is Coming to Your Town” will take him to Main Streets, churches, businesses and town halls throughout the 1st District to meet with fellow Republicans and talk about the issues that face this country.

“It is very exciting to have this great opportunity to talk to Iowa Republicans about what’s most important to them, and about the real issues facing our country,” said Mr. Blum. “I look forward to meeting the citizens of northeast Iowa, and having an open forum to discuss the creation of jobs here in Iowa and across the country as your Representative to US Congress. Restoring our economy is my number one priority”

The “Constitution is Coming to Your Town” tour is designed to give voters a perfect opportunity to interact with Mr. Blum, who is running in the Republican primary for the First Congressional District on June 5th. The winner of the primary will attempt to unseat Rep. Bruce Braley (D) in November.

“I believe voters need a clear choice this November. We must have a true conservative and experienced job-creator on the ballot this fall,” Mr. Blum went on to say. “We know how big government gets in the way. We saw Carter do it in 1976, but the Reagan Revolution returned us to the correct, limited government path. We’ve lived it and we know how it works. I intend to take those policies back to Washington DC.” Key points that Mr. Blum will be bringing up along his tour are the economy, job creation, the national debt, and returning America to the Constitution.

Tour Dates for the next 11 days Include:

Poweshiek County Forum in Grinnell
Where: GOP Headquarters, 4th and Main St., Grinnell IA
Date: Saturday, May 12, 2012
Time: 10:00 AM

Marshall County Town Hall
Where: Fisher Community Building, 709 South Center Street, Marshalltown, IA
Date: Monday, May 14, 2012
Time: 7:30 – 9:00 PM

In-studio interview with Jan Michelson – WHO Radio in Des Moines
Where: Tune in here
Date: Tuesday,May 15, 2012
Time: 10:00AM –11:00AM
Lunch with meat processing employees – Edgewood Locker on May 16th

Delaware County Town Hall in Manchester on
Date: May 16th, 2012
Where: Pizza Ranch, 1100 West Main Street, Manchester, IA
Date: May 16, 2012
Time: 7:00 –8:30 PM

Benton County Meet and Greet in Vinton
Where: US Bank Community Building, 414 A Ave, Vinton, IA
Date: Thursday,May 17, 2012
Time: 6:45 -8:00 PM

Clayton County Meet and Greet in Elkader on May 18th
Meet and Greet Aunt B’s Inn of Strawberry Point
Date: Thursday,May 24, 2012
Time: 7:00 –8:00 PM

5 Seasons Republican Women debate in Linn County May 21st
Where: Kirkwood Community College, room 234 in Cedar Hall, 6301 Kirkwood Blvd. SW.
Date: May 21, 2012
Time: 7:00 –8:00 PM

Dubuque County
Meet and Greet at Park Farm Winery
Date: Thursday,May 24, 2012
Time: 6:00 –7:00 PM

Please visit www.RodBlum.com for more info

Will you help Ben Lange sponsor this ad?

Dear Ajai,

Today we launched a radio offensive against the failed leadership of Bruce Braley (D-IA) and the Washington political establishment!

Our message is true and our cause is just. But there will be those who seek to deflect and distort the truth to stay in power.

Will you help me speak truth to power and sponsor this ad on a local radio station for $25?

My family and I cannot do this alone.

We are counting on people like YOU to pitch-in, not only to preserve the future of America, but to preserve the very beacon of freedom for all mankind.

We can do this!

Respectfully Yours,

Ben Lange
Candidate for U.S. Congress



I cannot afford to pledge anymore money to politics than I already have but I will certainly share your request with my readers!