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Mainstream Media Failure

I have waited three years for the presidential elections to begin and was excited about attending my first Straw Poll that was to be held in Ames Iowa, on August 13, 2011. Iowa is not a very exciting place, so when you have hundreds of thousands of people from all over the state driving miles to come together in one place to have a little face to face time and more than 17,000 people show up you better bet that it’s a big deal!
Mainstream media just turned the most ‘unimportant important political events of a presidential cycle’ into a pivotal political speaking point. Those of us from the Midwest want people to know that mainstream media failed you!
Why isn’t mainstream media beating down Ron Paul’s door asking for interviews? Why are they chasing the gun toting Texas cowboy, Rick Perry, across the country ignoring the only candidate who can beat President Obama, Ron Paul? Why the blackouts on the other winner of the Iowa Straw Poll—Ron Paul—the plain guy talking about liberty and the Constitution who didn’t offer a free country western concert. What is mainstream media so afraid of? What else have they been hiding from us?
At this point I am livid. I feel that mainstream media made a mockery of our political process and bases their ‘news’ on half truths and this illusion that our presidency is based on some superficial popularity contest.
Social media is here to stay while the days of mainstream media are numbered. Social media is the next best thing to face to face communication in such a technological world. Research all your candidates and make an informed decision before you trust anything that comes through to your television because I guarantee you’re not hearing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

Media Ignoring Ron Paul