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“New Casinos make Existing ones Better, Cedar Rapids Casino Manager Says” Gazette

This morning’s Gazette has a piece featuring McLeod USA Gray and his Dubuque crew.


The Chamber of Compost Gazette is dutifully feeding a continuing stream of slop in anticipation of the Gambling Commission coming to CR on April 3rd.

Doubtless, they will tour the scene of the anticipated crime; the casino site. Perhaps protestors should be present. The assembled Chamber Pots would not like non “Good people of Cedar Rapids” detracting from their dog & pony plea for a casino monopoly.

Linn County Gambling

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Get beyond 30 second T.V. sound bytes on the Casino Issue to make an intelligent and informed vote at the Linn County Casino Referendum. Both perspectives are provided here.

Each radio interview provided below is about an hour long. Get more detail and facts to make an informed vote on Tuesday, March 5.

Listen to the Yes side of the Linn County Iowa casino issue;


Listen to the No side of the Linn County Iowa casino issue;