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Robert Bates Posts his First Youtube Video

Former City Council Candidate, Robert Bates, is continuing his battle to have an outside investigation done on the Cedar Rapids Police Department. He made a Youtube video of a phone call he made to the New York Associated Press on May 3, 2013 that became available to the public on May 5, 2013.

Robert Bates

False Memorandum

Fifteen years after he stumbled upon a memorandum with his name on it claiming he was violent and under a doctors care Robert Bates has made it his life mission to have an outside investigation done on the Cedar Rapids Police Department.
Bates told CRSmells, Ajai Dittmar that he wants to clear his name. “I want to clear my name I am not a violent person” he says “I feel like the media has portrayed me as a mentally ill person who wasn’t on my medication but I am not on any medications at the time of the memorandum I wasn’t even under a doctors care.”

Robert Bates

Gazette Story

Robert Bates Robert Bates was charged with two felony counts of threats and an aggravated misdemeanor of first-degree harassment in 2009. He paid a $10,000 surety bond to get out of jail.Trish Mehaffey a journalist with the Gazette covered this case in 2011. Mehaffy wrote three articles in 2011 about Robert Bates but never once called him to ask him his side of the story. News reports aired over and over reminding everyone that “Robert Bates, 43, was charged with two felony counts of threats and one count of first-degree harassment.” Saying “he threatened to blow up the courthouse”.
I asked Bates if he’d ever been interviewed by Trish Mehaffey from the Gazette. He said “no, I’ve been trying to tell my side of the story but they won’t report it”.
On October 4, 2011 Mehaffey wrote “An assistant prosecutor told a judge Tuesday neither he nor the Linn County Attorney’s Office had any bias against a carnival business owner, who is accused of threatening to blow up the courthouse in 2009, and the case is being

Robert Bates

Gazette Story

handled fairly.”  Robert Bates asked for a change of venue based on the nature of the allegations to ensure he had a chance at a fair trial and he was denied.
In an article two days later on October 8, 2011 Mehaffey wrote “Sixth Judicial District Judge Robert Sosalla denies both motions based on lack of evidence presented by Bates. “Bates presented no evidence that any district judges had any personal knowledge of the disputed facts or that they were even aware of the alleged threats, Sosalla stated. He also failed to show any member of the Linn County Attorney or the Linn County Public Defender’s offices showed any bias or prejudice against him.”

I asked Bates why he made that request and he told me that he did it because if he did in fact make a threat to blow up the courthouse then everyone there

would have been a potential victim therefore it would be a conflict of interest. “I didn’t get a fair trial because the case didn’t even go to court”. Bates said. I asked him if he was relieved the charges were dropped and he told me “no I wanted my day in court to settle this matter once and for all but the case was dismissed”.

Robert Bates

One sided story

Mehaffy – March 2, 2012 “Assistant Linn County Attorney Jason Besler said he requested medical records from Bates, which were provided last week. It was determined Bates was making “idle talk” and didn’t intend to present a “real” threat. Instead, Bates’ behavior stemmed from a medical condition, which means he wasn’t responsible for statements made.”

Mehaffy never mentions what this so called medical condition is. Bates says “it’s because it doesn’t exist”.

Bates speaking at a council meeting in 2009

Cedar Rapids Personality Robert Bates Falsely Arrested

Yesterday, I got a call to come downtown. I was told that Robert Bates was on top of his trailer hooked to his box truck in front of the courthouse on the 3rd Avenue bridge and there were “cops all around”. When I got there I didn’t see any cops but I did see Bates on top of his trailer with a megaphone telling anyone who would listen his story.

All of this stems from a “false memorandum” Bates happened to pick up more than twelve years ago while at the Police Department on other business. A memorandum he has tried to get cleared up since he came across it.

But the last straw came for Bates after three plain clothed sheriff deputies came to his home last Tuesday morning with a warrant for a Robert Bates- the problem with their warrant was it wasn’t for the Robert Bates they just woke up and followed around the house “for at least a half an hour”. The officers basically had pie in their face and according to Bates “never even apologized”.

“I’ve tried it your way” Bates said “It doesn’t work”


What are the risks of these paperless warrants? Police can show up at your house without a physical warrant in hand and take you to jail? Is there not a description of the person on these warrants? Photos? ANYTHING? Was it an honest mistake? Maybe, but it doesn’t seem like one when you look at it from Bates perspective. According to Bates he was just in court the day before talking to a judge about the mistakes made in his trial and in the room with him were several deputies.

Robert D. Bates would like to see an outside investigation done on the police. Several other outspoken Cedar Rapids personalities would as well. Even I tend to question the ethics of the police especially after my son was threatened and nothing was done about it. Why didn’t the police ask to look inside the trailer? Why were they gone so fast?

According to Bates the police never asked to see what he had in his trailer even though a case was dismissed against him for threatening to blow up the courthouse.

Bates is definitely not the young man the officers were looking for.

And for those who think everyone who is here is someone from Chicago think again!

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