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My Video Response in a Blog to the KGAN story “Iowa RNC Delegates to Vote for Ron Paul”

Doug Wagner, you have ran off at the mouth one to many times for me. You are no help to Iowans who want to keep our first in the nation status. How dare you discredit our delegate to the National Convention after he stated he was going to carry out his commitment to vote for Ron Paul.

I was at the State Convention where Brent Oleson was elected as a delegate to the National Convention! Everyone knew that he and the others elected to represent Iowa were Ron Paul supporters! Ron Paul supporters didn’t hijack the party they are the party! In fact, Brent is an elected republican, a Linn County supervisor. He actually attends the Central Committee meetings and has been physically involved in the presidential process from the beginning of this election.

Click here for the full story: http://www.fox28iowa.com/shared/newsroom/top_stories/videos/kfxa_vid_12435.shtml

Thank god I live in America where I am still entitled to my opinion, and in my opinion, Doug, you are a tainted source. I believe that you are one of the original “CAVE People” of Cedar Rapids. Aren’t you the same guy who chaired the “Yes team” going after more of our tax money through a “Local Option Sales Tax”? Weren’t you in charge of evicting those poor people out of OSADA so that the elitists could make condos to move into? I think you are an “establishment” RINO (Republican in name only) who clearly does not know the presidential process of your own state! Furthermore, we don’t have a primary for the nominee for President of the United States in Iowa we have a process. But you should know this since you are a “political analyst”.

I have had it with the party politics as usual. I know that a lot of people ready to walk away and wash their hands of it altogether that’s not what the revolution is about. Nope, get ready for us because we aren’t going away we’re gonna be the tent!

Presidential Politics and the Caucus Process


I just figured out how to “livestream” video! LOOK OUT! No edits or cuts in the video! I LOVE IT!