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The Cedar Rapids Downtown District Great East Iowa Co Prosperity Sphere Eyes Southern Territories for Conquest

The Cedar Rapids Downtown District Great East Iowa Co Prosperity Sphere Eyes Southern Territories for Conquest


Cedar Rapids Downtown Elite Plan an Economic and Political Polo Event

“He (Dennis Tallman) suggested that the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance — itself a new entity that combined Priority One, The Cedar Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, and the Cedar Rapids Downtown District — merge with groups such as Iowa City Area Development and the Iowa City Area Chamber of Commerce.”


The Cedar Rapids Downtown District Ministry of Information has announced the need for new territories. Having assimilated the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce and converted adjacent communities to near vassal states, the Cedar Rapids Downtown District is eying new fruits of empire to the south.

The Business 380 Division of the Cedar Rapids Downtown District Ministry of Information went into further details in an article of total praise(Cedar Rapids Gazette, Sunday, December 30, 2012, 1D).

Downtown Cedar Rapids fifth column is already active in the coveted territories. “We need to rethink how we do economic development,” C. E. O. of Cedar Rapids Downtown District Ministry of Information, Past Chairman of the Board of the Cedar Rapids Chamber of Commerce and current Iowa City Area Development Group Board Chairman Chuck Peters.

The political subjugation of conquered peoples was surprisingly admitted in the Business 380 article. Retired Aegon C. E. O. Pat Baird was saying a regional identity may involve merging more than economic development groups. Pat Baird gave an example, “Jerry Abramson, the former Mayor of Louisville and now Lt. Governor of Kentucky, told me that Louisville did not move to city-county regional government (in January 2003) to reduce taxes. It was done 100 percent for economic development, and he was able to get the votes needed to approve it.”

Cedar Rapids Downtown District has never had a problem funding campaigns to maintain a compliant Cedar Rapids City Council. Ballot issues are another matter. As leader of the first (2011) failed attempt to extend Cedar Rapids local option sales tax, Mr. Baird should know that.

To pay for its massive cost over runs hotel and convention center and a host of other friends of the Downtown District, 15 in 5 projects, Cedar Rapids Downtown District has desperately tried to maintain a local option sales tax. Two vote yes sales tax extension campaigns were financed by roughly a million dollars largely from those with ties to the Downtown District. Those opposing the sales tax extension spent less than ten thousand dollars.

The oppressed masses of Cedar Rapids revolted by twice voting no on the sales tax extension.

Those in peril to the south, take note. The Cedar Rapids Downtown District is running out of resources and needs new territories to fund itself. Those who know best those who plan your Co Prosperity Sphere assimilation trust them least.

Despite their rhetoric of a shared economic paradise, the proceeds largely go to Downtown Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids streets crumble outside its Downtown District. A potential water shortfall due to a lack of wells has been admitted. Etc. Etc. In short, basic infrastructure that is local government’s primary chore has been ignored. Downtown, there are TIFs galore.

Cedar Rapids Downtown District will cry flood recovery as camouflage. This pattern started long before the flood. The flood massively poured outside disaster recovery money in Cedar Rapids to fund what Cedar Rapids Downtown District already had planned. Of course, they say it is to benefit all of Cedar Rapids and adjacent communities will share therein.

There are great benefits to had from fair and just co-operation among neighbors. Examine the record of the Cedar Rapids Downtown District proposing to yoke Johnson County into their East Iowa Co Prosperity Sphere.

They come not to co-operate, but to conquer.



Vote 2014: Culver Eyeing Rematch with Branstad

Boone, IA National Guard Co. B 248th Homecomin...

Boone, IA National Guard Co. B 248th Homecoming, Boone, IA DMACC Campus. Iowa Governor, the Honorable Chet Culver welcoming home the troops. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Ready for a rematch? Former Iowa Gov. Chet Culver is considering another run for the state’s top office, challenging Republican Gov. Terry Branstad in 2014. “I’m certainly keeping my options open,” the one-term Democrat said recently.  Some Iowa Republicans were quick to express doubt the former high school teacher will run in 2014, but Branstad spokesman Tim Albrecht said the possibility is one “we take very seriously.”
Culver, 46, believes he had a great record of accomplishment from 2007-11 and is receiving encouragement to run again.  “Quite a bit, actually,” said Culver, who now leads The Culver Group that provides strategic consulting to public and private sector entities, primarily on renewable energy issues.
“At the supermarket, people come up to me and tell me I should run again,” he said. “I’m encouraged by the level of support from Democrats, generally.” He’ll begin actively exploring a 2014 run in the next few months, Culver said. “I’m not going to rush it but I’ll continue to have conversations with supporters and friends,” he said. Candidates have until March 14, 2014, to put their names on the primary election ballot.  Longtime GOP activist and Branstad associate Doug Gross calls a rematch unlikely.  “Branstad would win with a bigger margin,” the Des Moines attorney said. “Iowans would just compare the state of the state with Culver and then Branstad. Case closed.”  “Gov. Culver’s years of deficit spending and higher unemployment versus Gov. Branstad’s consistent balancing of Iowa’s budget, coupled with Iowa’s lowest unemployment rate in four years, is a rigorous debate that would give Iowans a clear choice,” Albrecht said.  It would be a clear choice, said Culver, who believes he had a great record to run on in 2010, but was hurt by the national economy.  “We got through some difficult times,” he said. That includes state assistance to Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Coralville and many other Eastern Iowa communities damaged by flooding in 2008.”

He’ll remind Iowans that during the Culver administration the minimum wage was increased, smoking was banned in nearly all workplaces, preschool opportunities were expanded and more children received health care coverage. And former Gov. Tom Vilsack and his wife Christie Vilsack, who was an unsuccessful congressional candidate this year, also are mentioned as possible candidates.  Culver’s not afraid of mixing it up with other Democrats in a primary. Culver won primaries when he ran for his first of two terms as Secretary of State and to get the party’s nomination for governor.  “As long as I work hard and take my message to the people I can be successful,” Culver said.  Neither is he concerned that one unsuccessful race will disqualify him in the minds of Iowa Democratic voters.
“No one has had that conversation with me,” he said.

Branstad open to running for re-election

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad suggested he was open to running for re-election in 2014 at his birthday fundraiser on Saturday.  Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2012/11/19/branstad-open-to-running-for-re-election/#ixzz2GAeyoOzb

Gov’s Branstad & Brownback want to sell Iowa assets to China.

my 2 centsFirst of all, I heard Culver was considering a run and I had nightmares all night about it! Secondly, my aunt, a lifelong democrat, voted for Branstad over Culver, and she MET Culver!!  He could not beat  Branstad  in a rematch! As much as people dislike Branstad they dislike Culver even more! Finally, do you really want to keep a man who is selling Iowa’s assets to China?  How about neither of them run! They’ve had their chance to make things right in Iowa but neither one of them 3854_pphave! It is time for Iowa to find a new governor.  Someone who didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in their mouth in Washington D.C..  Someone who won’t let Iowan’s youth to go to jail for things that their own child has been caught doing (marijuana).  Terry Branstad has a vendetta against felons, even though his own son,  should be a felon himself after killing a couple while driving.  Both parties need to find new candidates!  I nominate Greg Hughes! Greg Hughes understands the problems we have in the States Capitol and we have a lot of them! Our Supreme Court is despicable! Greg Hughes will put people before politics, profit, and pollution, unlike Culver and Branstad!

If Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination ~ Plan B ~ Gary Johnson For the Cause of Liberty

Finally some answers and a voice of reason! I think that Ron Paul took these questions with ease and that there is no other candidate who gets grilled like the doctor. I love how he tiptoes all over the presidential nomination. Don’t want to jinx it you know! Just if we are betrayed by Ron Paul and he endorses Mitt Romney I want to make certain I have studied all the candidates before I vote.

If Ron Paul does get the nomination will Gary Johnson drop his bid for president? Wouldn’t that greatly improve the republican’s chances to beat Obama in November? I think it would. At this point there is a fine line between being republican and libertarian. I’ve seen these parties work in harmony with each other and good things can come from it but I just don’t see Romney beating Obama without them.

We already know that neither Mitt or Obama are interested in the cause of liberty and that they were both bought and paid for by special interests who don’t have our best interests at heart.

Time for a crash course on Gary Johnson. It’s never good to put all your eggs into one basket anyway.
I read this article and did a quiz from the article and found that I agree with Gary Johnson on 95% of the issues that are important to me.

I am an avid Ron Paul supporter and found that I agree with him on 89% of the issues important to me.

The way I see it is Gary Johnson is more likely to change the cabinet than Romney. I could see Gary giving Ron Paul a cabinet position of his choice. I would rather vote for anyone other than the lesser of the two evils! Gary Johnson being blacked out by the media and tirelessly doing Youtube interviews with hundreds of people across the country is impressive to me. He isn’t waging $10,000 bets on national television and he is engaged to be married so he doesn’t have a wife driving a Cadillac who’s never worked a day in her life.

As an average American who does use the internet and social media as a tool to gather my information I feel that in order to move towards the cause of liberty that we must be willing to work with others to ensure the strongest possibility of getting this done before another hundred years goes by. Independent voters must unite and decide- do we want another four years of bickering party politics or do we want a radical change?

Iowa’s State Convention June 15 & 16, 2012

Reflections from Iowa State Convention
I didn’t drive all the way to Des Moines for a “unity slate” made up by ONE PERSON who is for Mitt Romney, I drove there to stand up for America’s future and to support my candidate, Ron Paul, who is now officially Iowa’s winner for president in the upcoming election.

Iowa might seem to have a lot of different “winners” during this presidential election but the truth is Iowa is just a place where candidates test their messages. Every poll up to this point has been a straw poll and none of them decide the real winner of the state until the delegates are chosen through the grueling political process and State Convention. In the State Convention last weekend Ron Paul delegates dominated the convention floor and were able to secure delegates to go represent him in the National Convention.

Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from the State Convention in Des Moines, Iowa on June 15 & 16, where I was determined to go and help support the cause of liberty. With so many like minded people in attendance at the State Convention I am happy to report that we were successful in choosing liberty minded people to attend the National Convention in Tampa this year. The media is saying we have yet, another winner, when the truth is Ron Paul has always been a top tier candidate. Our media has been a huge problem because they have ignored Ron Paul from the beginning (late night comedian John Stewart did a great job of showing the disparity). Cable news networks have portrayed Mitt Romney as a Top Tier candidate since last August, even though he came in 7th place in the Iowa Straw Poll!

Democrats partied in a nearby hall last weekend at the Iowa Events Center in HyVee Hall, as if they’ve already won this Novembers’ election. In a hall nearby emotions ran high as the Republicans argued amongst themselves. Romney supporters pushed a “unity theme” that failed miserably and did anything but unify the party.
Romney supporters even got physical, in District 2, with Ron Paul backers. Though the chair later apologizes for his conduct some of us think that criminal charges should have been filed and that the chair person should be forced to step down. There is no excuse for what is taking place in this election and it is my hope that American’s see that they are being duped by the mainstream media.

Iowans have always been serious about choosing the nominee for President of the United States. Some of us carefully and diligently study the candidates. The caucus process was transparent and aside from the bullying by Romney supporters I feel good about the process and feel we did an outstanding job of representing the voters of Iowa in the selection of our delegates.

With that said, I won’t be boycotting participating in the presidential process just yet, but one thing is for certain, I won’t be exploited to support or endorse the lesser of the two evils. I will vote for Ron Paul, who I hope and pray does win the nomination!

Take Back Iowa Tour

Press Release
May 9, 2012
Contact: Jonathan R. Narcisse
Ph: 515-770 – 1218
Email: Jon_Narcisse@yahoo.com
Face Book: Jonathan R. Narcisse

On Saturday , May 12, 2012, the “Take Back Iowa Tour” will be in Linn County (Cedar Rapids) at 10:00 a.m. at the Historic Matyk Building located at 1029 -3rd Street SE in Cedar Rapids.

The “ Take Back Iowa Tour” was launched o n April 27th with former gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Narcisse appearing on the Jan Mickelson Show (: http://mickelson.libsyn.com/ . ) on WHO 1040 AM in Des Moines before making stops that weekend in Jefferson County , Keokuk County , and Mahaska County. Narcisse was also on Devine Intervention hosted by Michael Devine on AM 1400 KVFD in Fort Dodge.

Take Back Iowa Tour Objectives

The “Take Back Iowa Tour” concludes year three of the six year “An Iowa Worth Fighting For” campaign launched in August of 2009 and will hold meetings in all 99 counties.

The “Tour” has three main objectives:

1. Introduce a 2013 – 14 Legislative Package focused on core fiscal, structural and accountability concerns;

2. Recruit and name “Take Back Iowa” chairs in all 99 counties and, train and develop leadership squads in each county, and, where possible, the precinct level;

3. Recruit and support candidates for 2013 non-partisan elected office; recruit and support individuals willing to serve on local boards and commissions; and, recruit and train Iowans willing to seek various leadership positions emerging from participation in the 2014 Republican Caucus and the 2014 Democratic Caucus.

“In August 2009 we introduced An Iowa Worth Fighting For” as the first step in a six year phase I plan. This 21st Century Governance Agenda was well met and received outstanding bi -partisan support,” stated the agenda’s author Jonathan R. Narcisse, who was completing his term on the Des Moines School Board.

“The next step was to establish support in a ll 99 counties. If we are going to take back our state
it must happen at the grassroots level. Iowans are an amazing people. They will do the right
things to fix our state if leadership asks it of them. But leadership hasn’t, unfortunately. Instead leaders of both parties have been more focused on meeting the demands of their contributors and enriching their cronies than fixing Iowa,” stated Narcisse.

“To build support in all 99 counties I ran for governor. I didn’t win but that’s okay. I didn’t expect to. Our main objective was accomplished – we received support in all 99 counties and 97% of Iowa’s precincts – 1720 out of 1774. That’s very, very encouraging,” stated Narcisse. “Now it is time for us to build upon that success and create organizations at the county level and identify county, ward and precinct leadership committed to taking back our state. Since the April 27th launch we’ve identified chairs for 19 counties and hope to secure leaders for more counties on Saturday ” stated Narcisse.

“It is no longer enough to be frustrated. We need solutions. We need a plan. And we have both. This is very exciting. We didn’t get into th is mess overnight and we won’t get out of it overnight but having met Iowans in all 99 counties I know we’re going to get this done both for our state and our childr en’s sake,” concluded Narcisse.

Insist on plan from candidates by Steven R. Rathje

I’ve known several candidates and elected representatives who have no problem in sharing their solutions and ideas with constituents and colleague alike. Through passion, facts and skill, they articulate them to prove their merit and pass them into law for the benefit of all Americans.

There are a lot of issues facing American families today that require the direct attention from elected officials, as well as candidates. Leading the pack obviously are jobs and the economy and our budget deficit and debt. Then there’s energy, education and national security.

So it’s disappointing when people take the time and make the effort to run for office, and then fall short because of no substantive plan regarding the topics that most Americans are discussing. Talking points, sound bites and political rhetoric are one thing; it’s another to offer solutions in a coherent, well thought-out manner.
On more than one occasion, I’ve asked candidates for their rendition of what must be done to get people back to work and the economy moving again. I didn’t ask for sound bites but rather an honest plan that reflects well thought-out solutions to our problems. I’m looking for those who can form and articulate a plan, sell it to leadership, and actually get something done.

Shouldn’t would-be constituents be offered the opportunity to weigh-in on a candidate’s ideas about important issues before the election, rather than being forced to determine whether they’ve made the right decision several months down the road when it’s too late? After all, elections aren’t likability contests … or are they?
Most of us want to know what the candidate’s plans are for cutting taxes, spending and eliminating waste, so we’d like for them to tell us, in writing, where, how much, and what fiscal effect it’ll have on our country and our pocket book. We also want to know what their plan is for stimulating consumer confidence so as to empower employers to hire more people and get good-paying manufacturing jobs back home.

Banks insist on a business plan before lending money to a business, so why shouldn’t we insist on a plan from those we’re going to pay $175,000 every year and entrust with our country and our lives?
I’m not speaking to you as a Republican or former candidate who promoted a jobs plan of his own, but rather a constituent who’s insisting that other candidates do so as well. I just want some answers, because there’s a whole new generation of Americans depending on them.

Steven R. Rathje is founder/CEO of International Procurement Services Inc. in Cedar Rapids. Comments: srathje@ipsinc-usa.com

Hey GOP Paul didn’t Steal Anything he Earned his Delegates!

Videos from Linn County Convention GOP

Google Map Mishap in Maine Missed by Mainstream Media

What is going on with Google Maps and the Maine elections? Why were maps with Maine’s Republican Caucus results posted a day early? When I first learned Google had a map of the results from the Maine elections I had to go see it for myself. I first saw it on Facebook. Google later cleared the map.

I took a few screen shots of my own. I made these screen shots on February 10, 2012.

No one is talking about this mishap from mainstream media. No surprise there. This is just a heads up for those who pay attention to the presidential elections. Watch for news on the Maine Caucus tonight and see if the numbers match the results posted prematurely yesterday.

Maine Caucus
100% Reporting

Romney 45.7% 5,489
Gingrich 33.5% 4,022
Paul 10.5% 1,263
Santorum 9.7% 1,165

ABC News already touting Romney as the winner. Not once mentioning Ron Paul in their report even though he is a close second! Ron Paul claims it is a tie!

Here is a CNN report

Maine Caucus
95% Reporting
Romney 2,190 39% 9
Paul 1,996 36% 7
Santorum 989 18% 3
Gingrich 349 6% 0