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No Criminal Charges for Police in Salvadar Death

Randi Shannon– A former Senate Candidate posted this story from KCRG on my Facebook wall  yesterday with this comment:  “Died from positional asphyxia? And he was handcuffed in their vehicle? And they aren’t guilty. I’ve not had any of my friends die from too much alcohol (not saying it doesn’t happen), and I’ve never known anyone to drink and then repeatedly slam their own head until they go comatose and then die. I think the factors are the ‘alone’ time he had w/the cop. Something stinks about this story and i think someone is getting away with murder that is walking around with a badge. I also noticed KCRG isn’t allowing any comments on the story which is interesting since they let me get slaughtered when i ended my race. Collusion. Be safe out there the cops are DANGEROUS to your health!”

my 2 centsCedar Rapids Police Department (CRPD) is liable in Salvadar’s death.  He was in their custody when he died.  It doesn’t matter how he died– they are liable. Salvadar’s family isn’t alone.   The family of Desirae Daniel. a woman shot and killed by Cedar Rapids police officers on December 4, 2012 also expressed frustration with the way  CRPD handled that investigation. Desirae’s mother learned about her daughters death from the Gazette. Why didn’t CRPD contact her?  I would hate to find out my child died by them!  I would also like to know if both incidents involved car #40.

I would like an outside investigation on both incidents and on internal affairs within the police department.  KCRG didn’t have an exclusive video with the Salvadar family but KGAN did!  We all know who KCRG caters their news to and it’s not the pioneers or lifelong residents of CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa.  Salvador’s brother is right, it will come out.

EXCLUSIVE: Saldivar Family Speaks, Says Paul’s Death No Accident

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/rOm1sD-TpCM&#8221; frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

CBS 2/FOX 28 — Paul Saldivar’s family is speaking out, saying they believe his death was not an accident.  CBS 2/FOX 28 first told you Wednesday that no criminal charges will be filed in Saldivar’s death.  Police arrested him in May for public intoxication, and on the way to jail, he became unresponsive.  Saldivar was taken to a hospital, where he later died.
The family said they feel shocked, but not surprised at the outcome of that investigation. Now, they are standing together after the report sent out Wednesday by Linn County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden called Paul’s death an accident.
“It just don’t make no sense,” Paul’s brother John Saldivar said.  Seven months later, Paul’s brother John wants Cedar Rapids police held accountable.
“For the police chief to say, ‘Oh I’m going to clean things up’, he ain’t cleaning nothing up,” John said.
The report states Saldivar left Hazzard County Saloon, followed shortly after by an officer. The officer tried to talk to Saldivar as he walked toward the back parking lot. Instead, he started running south for about a block and a half, before eventually being arrested in an alley between 2nd and 3rd Streets SE.  Police said Saldivar thrashed around in the back seat and hit his head on an armrest.  The Saldivars have never believed that story. The read the attorney’s report and said if it is indeed accurate, Paul’s death was not an accident.
They should live to a higher standard and take responsibility criminally for somebody dying in their care,” John said.
The county attorney’s report did state Saldivar was drunk, with a .299 blood alcohol content level, nearly four times the legal limit.  It also adds the primary cause of death was positional asphyxia; that’s when a person’s posture doesn’t allow for proper breathing.
“If they say he was that messed up, that should have been their priority to either get medical attention or make sure he was okay,” John said.  Paul’s widow Rachel said it’s not like Paul. They have been married nearly four years and were raising four children together.  “No one there if they get into trouble to help. I was always able to call Paul,” Rachel Saldivar said.
John and Rachel said the family will continue to fight for justice.
“It’ll all come out. The officers involved will have to answer to what has taken place,” John said.
CBS 2/FOX 28 spoke with the police department Thursday. They said they still are not in a position to speak openly about the incident — although the criminal investigation is over, they still have to perform an internal investigation.
Thursday, December 27 2012, 09:56 PM CST

County Attorney: No Charges Filed In Paul Saldivar Death

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (CBS 2/FOX 28) — After seven months with no answers, family and friends of Paul Saldivar now have one.  Linn County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden said Saldivar’s death was accidental and will not press charges against Cedar Rapids police officers involved that night.  Police arrested Saldivar back in May for public intoxication outside Hazzard County Saloon in Cedar Rapids.
Police have said all along Saldivar hit his head on an armrest in the squad car.
Vander Sanden’s report adds that what ultimately killed Saldivar was “positional asphyxia”; that’s when a person’s posture doesn’t allow for proper breathing.  The Iowa State Medical Examiner found Saldivar was very drunk, with a .299 blood alcohol content level, nearly four times the legal limit.
The report states the excessive alcohol slowed down his breathing, which was already a problem because of his posture.
“I do not believe this was an accident. I do not,” Paul’s sister Paulette Gandara said.  Paul’s family still doesn’t believe the story. They said it doesn’t line up with what doctors told them about Paul’s injuries the week before he was taken off life support.
“You do not get picked up for public intox and end up dead in the back seat of a police car,” Paulette said.  Even more frustrating for them after all this time — Paul’s brothers’ and sisters’ cry for justice has not been answered.  “It’s just heartbreaking to know that my brother’s gone, and they didn’t do anything about it. And it took this long. It took this long for them to do nothing,” Paulette said.  Cedar Rapids Police Chief Wayne Jerman said he appreciates the work done by all the agencies involved in this investigation.  He added that the police department “will continue to work with citizens, agencies and community groups to make Cedar Rapids a better place to live and work.”
To read the full report, click here.
Wednesday, December 26 2012, 08:44 PM CST




Chief Jerman Comments on Linn County Attorney’s Findings


Sgt. Cristy Hamblin (319) 286-5439


CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – December 26, 2012 – Today the Cedar Rapids Police Department was made aware of the findings of the Linn County Attorney’s Office regarding the death of Paul Saldivar. “The Cedar Rapids Police Department cooperated fully with the Division of Criminal Investigation and the Linn County Attorney’s Office,” said Chief Wayne Jerman. “We appreciate the work done and the thorough and exhaustive efforts by all agencies involved in this investigation. We at the Cedar Rapids Police Department will continue to work with citizens, agencies and community groups to make Cedar Rapids a better place to live and work.”

12-26-12 Linn County Attny release.pdf



Randi Shannon’s Stand on Certain Issues

Christian Just War Theory

The appropriate reasons for going to war.

To go to war or not, is NOT within the realm of a state legislator’s job. However, just to be on record, I am including that I only support the cause of war when it applies to the Christian Just War theory as proposed by Augustine of Hippo in defense of innocents.

Thomas Aquinas, centuries later, used the authority of Augustine’s arguments in an attempt to define the conditions under which a war could be just:

First, war must occur for a good and just purpose rather than for self-gain or as an exercise of power.

Second, just war must be waged by a properly instituted authority such as the state.

Third, peace must be a central motive even in the midst of violence.

Opposition to National Defense Authorization Act components that nullify the 4th amendment

Randi Shannon opposes all law or color of law including NDAA 2012, The Patriot Act and executive orders that try to reduce the protections and natural rights of the 4th and 6th Amendments. I patently and thoroughly oppose any provisions of the NDAA 2012, The Patriot Act, any executive order or any law or color of law that nullifies any part of the 4th or 6th Amendments, Habeas Corpus, or the privacy of the people of the United States.

Marriage: does government come before God?

God gives us rights, not government. I personally believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. But also to note, that God gave us the right to be married and it is an unalienable right of the likes of which is mentioned by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. (Unalienable rights endowed by our Creator.)

Question: Is marriage an unalienable right?

Answer: Yes. Marriage is an Unalienable right.

Question: If marriage is an unalienable right, then how can governments require that people get marriage licenses?

Answer: Governments cannot. Our unalienable rights are established by natural law; therefore, marriage exists outside and beyond the realm of government control. Statutes can only recognize and protect our inalienable rights. Statutes can not establish, authorize, regulate, or infringe upon our unalienable rights and any statutes which attempt to do so are automatically void and must be ignored. The marriage license is a clear violation of our unalienable rights.

What is the difference between a child one minute before birth and one minute after?

I am a pro-life Christian. I believe in following the admonition of Christ, to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, and that means not killing you just because you are small.

I believe it is the duty of a republican form of government to protect the most innocent of lives, and there is no difference between a child one minute before birth and one minute after birth. We have every duty to protect children, even unborn children.

One thing that I’ve come to realize is that the vast majority of people who identify as pro-choice are not pro-abortion. I also realize that the arguments on all sides are locked in partisan gridlock. This is shameful. For decades the emotionally charged rhetoric on both sides has left all parties unhappy with the outcome. Also we must never expect those opposed to abortion to finance it in any way because this is a cruel offense to our liberties.

We must not only approach this issue with a consistent moral filter, we must approach this issue from a civic-minded, logical, and success-oriented standpoint. The vast majority of reasonable people do not want unborn children to be aborted. The vast majority of people also understand that the life of the mother consideration, rape or incest and preventative health care measures such as contraception are best left up to a woman and her partner and their doctor or religious leader.

A good way to judge the strength of a society is to observe how the weakest among them are treated. Although my own personal beliefs have led me to be fundamentally opposed to abortion, my first goal is to lower the number of abortions, significantly.

Life is precious, fragile, and in need of protection. Women, children, and families are a vital part of our foundation. We must improve the economy for our most vulnerable. We must strive to have a strong and effective educational policy so all our children and mothers have a better future. We must have strong hospitals where women are provided the best information and resources to make informed decisions for themselves.

I am a champion for people’s personal liberties and this includes respecting the God-given right to life—for those born and unborn.

2nd Amendment: Here’s my license and permit!

The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution further defines the right to bear arms as one of the inalienable rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. That means that the right to bear arms is meant to be all exclusive and unless a man has committed a heinous crime, that right shall never be infringed. Furthermore, it should not require a license, permit nor permission of any kind of the government so long as you are a law abiding citizen who has not committed a violent felony.

“Americans have the right and advantage of being armed – unlike the citizens of other countries whose governments are afraid to trust the people with arms.” (James Madison, The Federalist Papers #46 at 243-244)

If we ever were to become disarmed then it would not be very long before we could no longer protect what freedoms we have left. While all rights come from God, they are protected by guns and men willing to fight for those rights.

I carry a copy of the Constitution around with me everywhere I go. That is my permit.

Property Rights: Forced Annexation

Forced Annexation is when a municipality is able to annex adjacent people and land without their permission.

I oppose forced annexation in its entirety.


Taxes have to be reduced and to keep the budget balanced, spending has to be reduced as well. For every dollar collected in taxes, that is one dollar that is taken out of productive Iowan’s pockets and that means they cannot spend it and help create more production among their neighbors. Regardless of the method of collection of taxes, the higher the taxes, the more it hurts the economy and reduces the amount of goods produces which means that the standard of living is reduced (people become poorer). I personally hate taxes :0)))

Taxes: Income Taxes

When the Income Tax was introduced in 1913 (a very bad year for the history of America) it was 1% on incomes above $3000 and 2-7% on income between $20k-$500k. Now it is much higher. Tax slavery was born. Frank Chodorov wrote “Whichever way you turn this amendment, you come up with the fact that it gives the government a prior lien on all the property produced by its subjects.” What principle does government think that they can tax our labor? That they can even require to know our income? There is none. (and personally i do not believe this was ever ratified)

For a wage earner to become an entrepreneur and drive his own success, he needs to be able to save his money tax free if he desires so that he can invest in his own talents when he has enough. Not keep paying IA and Uncle Sam the biggest chunk of his pay preventing him from ever advancing.

While we cannot just reduce income taxes to zero overnight, we need to work on a plan to reduce them steadily.

Taxes: No Corporate Tax

Corporate taxes are all passed on to the customer. A business still has to make a profit, so the business has to raise the selling price of their goods 6.9% just to maintain their profit. All corporate taxes are paid by the consumer. Since this tax is hidden, many consumers don’t even realize they are paying the tax. Combined with multiple other kinds of taxes, the consumer actually pays close to half of their income in taxes by the end.

Corporate taxes also put an undue burden on businesses and make it harder for them to compete nationally since they have to raise their prices the 6-7%, states with lower or no corporate tax will be able to maintain the same profit but sell their product for less. Those states will get all the business and our businesses will struggle. Getting rid of corporate tax will make Iowa very attractive place to do business and will bring new businesses to our state.

Taxes: Reduce Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax is like the income tax, taxes paid on money you earned from putting your money to work for you in investments. Taxing this money means less money is invested. Those investments drive new businesses and improves production. Production is what raises the standard of living for everyone by driving prices of goods lower so that more people can enjoy them. Taxing capital gains hurts the ability for investment in new production. Just like income tax, I would like to see capital gains reduced until we get to zero.

Taxes: FairTax

The FairTax is a plan for the aboloshment of the IRS and all Federal Taxes except a universal excise tax (sales tax). The plan has included a prebate for everyone, which means that those living below the poverty level would pay zero taxes and now they pay many hidden taxes. (And that is good, why would we want people who aren’t surviving very well to pay taxes?) But since everyone gets the prebate, the government wouldn’t be tracking your income and whatever level the poverty level is set at, everyone gets the same benefit. You get the same prebate whether you make $20k a year or $200k. You only pay taxes in this system when you make a purchase of a new item. Thus if you bought used items, or you went without spending your entire paycheck, you could save money tax-free to invest in yourself.

I support the FairTax system in its entirety, however, the FairTax is revenue neutral and thus I believe that still too much in taxes is collected. The Federal government needs to drastically cut its expenditures and doing so would allow the FairTax amount to be cut as well.

While I believe that Iowa needs to go to a state version of the FairTax, we must be careful that even though that since there are fewer collections of taxes (only property and excise) that we lower the expenditures of the state so that the percentage of the tax can stay low and unobtrusive.

In the end, regardless of the tax collection method, the entire amount has to be reduced significantly.

Nullification & Interposition

Individuals have the moral right to maintain and protect their sovereign rights from any level of government. States have the duty either as individual states, or as groups of states, to defend the rights of their citizens from overreaching actions by the Federal Government.

The Supremacy Clause in the Constitution only applies specifically to the enumerated duties of the Federal Government. Any action outside of those specifically enumerated duties is unconstitutional immediately and does not require the Supreme Court to rule it as such, although it is their duty to do so.

Some examples of the many current issues that need to be addressed by Nullification:

Agenda 21: the United Nations, without permission from anyone, will be able to take control of any private property if they (without US review) deem a property to cause too much pollution. Essentially the UN will then be able to stop any building of anything, even people’s homes, if they choose.

NDAA: The most recent National Defense Authorization Act included language that allows American citizens to be detained indefinitely without charge and without ability to a trial or habeas corpus thus negating the 4th Amendment.

– Obamacare: While wishing that people could all get adequate health care is a noble ideal, that cannot happen by government mandate. Instead, we have severe violations of privacy, limits on your ability to seek health care and hundreds of other issues (maybe even death panels!) The Federal Government has no right to force us to purchase health care or give up our private medical information to the government.

Individual Sovereignty

The Declaration of Independence specifically demonstrates that the American people recognized their own sovereignty as individuals, that we are either made sovereign by Natural Law (see John Locke) or our unalienable rights endowed by our Creator.


Randi Shannon for Iowa Senate 34

I have met with and talked to Randi Shannon. She is a realistic business woman who has her head screwed on straight. She has read the Constitution and she takes our liberty seriously. Randi knows that this job isn’t about glitz and glamor and that she might have to go against the grain. Most importantly she will be a representative for all the people not just the 1%.

The mainstream media is not taking candidate Randi Shannon serious! Do you think that she could beat Liz Mathis in an election if she were given equal air time? I do! Click right here to cast your vote today! Send a strong message to the mainstream media about our representatives! We the people deserve fair and balanced coverage of all the candidates not just the ones that the powers that be pick!

Liz Mathis has yet to give me answers for questions that only she can answer. It is clear where her loyalties lie and they aren’t with the common people of Iowa. If there was ever an era of plastic politicians we’re in it. We need to take a leap of faith and stop trusting in these people who have spewed rhetoric to us for years through the television screen. I used to have a little respect for Liz but after she blew me off that is pretty much gone. She claims she follows my posts on Facebook. If she does then she will know that even though I can’t vote for her that I am not in favor of her and I will do what I can to tell people!

There are few women in positions of political power and the way I see it we need extraordinary women in these seats who will consider us when making decisions that will alter our lives. Women who won’t take any crap from her male counterparts and haven’t spent their lives taking orders and reading from a teleprompter. I’m sorry but I just feel a great disconnect when it comes to Liz. Perhaps my distrust stems from learning the truth about the mainstream media or it could be because she has ignored my questions but I think that it has more to do with her life as a celebrity. She is not a ‘common person’. She is a strong television personality but not so much as a senator.


Randi Shannon Launches Iowa Senate Campaign

Randi Shannon Launches Iowa Senate Campaign.

Randi Shannon Launches Iowa Senate Campaign

March 13, 2012 | For Immediate Release

Contact: Randi Shannon, 305-491-4597

Randi Shannon Launches Iowa Senate Campaign

Linn County small businesswoman and entrepreneur seeks to bring real world experience to Senate

MARION – Randi Shannon, a Marion entrepreneur and small businesswoman, formally launched her Iowa Senate campaign today by filing her nomination petitions and statement of candidacy with Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz. Shannon, a Republican, will run as to represent Senate District 34, a seat which includes the communities of Robins, Marion, Hiawatha, Bertram, Ely and portions of Cedar Rapids all in Linn County.

The co-owner of Iowa Glass and Iowa Auto Glass based in Cedar Rapids and several Internet based companies, Shannon, 44, is running to be a strong advocate for growing our economy, provide entrepreneurs the tools they need to realize their dreams, give Iowans more of their freedoms back and allow parents and children greater choice in education.

“I have spent the last 15 years in the business world both in Iowa and in other states and know very well what it takes to thrive, especially in a down economy. I am so glad to be back home in Iowa but I know there is a lot more we can do to make our state more competitive and to grow our communities,” said Shannon, a native of Iowa City, whose previous business ventures have taken her from coast to coast over the past several years as a Regional Vice President with ACN Communications in Florida and prior to that as a Senior Director with Excel Communications located in Dallas, Texas. “I am committed to fighting for lower taxes, responsible spending and the best education choices for our children.”

Besides her focus on growing Iowa’s economy, reducing taxes and getting more Iowans back into jobs, Shannon is passionate about providing educational choice and protecting our Second Amendment rights.

A proud mother of four boys ranging in age from 12 to 23, Shannon is a former home school mom who comes from a family who has proudly served in the United States Military. She believes choice in education is of high importance to Iowans she is passionate about the preservation of the Second Amendment because it is critical to our nation’s freedom and essential to protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our property.

An avid bike rider, who has completed two full RAGBRAI weeks, Shannon also enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and rooting on the Iowa Hawkeyes.

“I am a hard-working, dedicated entrepreneur and not a career politician. My entrance into politics is indicative of my life’s work – a desire to tackle problems and provide practical solutions,” said Shannon. Whether Independent, Libertarian, Republican or Democrat, I am asking for your vote and in return, I will fight so Iowans can live a more free and prosperous life,” she concluded.

For more information on Shannon’s campaign and vision for Iowa, visit her website at www.ShannonforSenate.com

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