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Randi Shannon for Iowa Senate 34

I have met with and talked to Randi Shannon. She is a realistic business woman who has her head screwed on straight. She has read the Constitution and she takes our liberty seriously. Randi knows that this job isn’t about glitz and glamor and that she might have to go against the grain. Most importantly she will be a representative for all the people not just the 1%.

The mainstream media is not taking candidate Randi Shannon serious! Do you think that she could beat Liz Mathis in an election if she were given equal air time? I do! Click right here to cast your vote today! Send a strong message to the mainstream media about our representatives! We the people deserve fair and balanced coverage of all the candidates not just the ones that the powers that be pick!

Liz Mathis has yet to give me answers for questions that only she can answer. It is clear where her loyalties lie and they aren’t with the common people of Iowa. If there was ever an era of plastic politicians we’re in it. We need to take a leap of faith and stop trusting in these people who have spewed rhetoric to us for years through the television screen. I used to have a little respect for Liz but after she blew me off that is pretty much gone. She claims she follows my posts on Facebook. If she does then she will know that even though I can’t vote for her that I am not in favor of her and I will do what I can to tell people!

There are few women in positions of political power and the way I see it we need extraordinary women in these seats who will consider us when making decisions that will alter our lives. Women who won’t take any crap from her male counterparts and haven’t spent their lives taking orders and reading from a teleprompter. I’m sorry but I just feel a great disconnect when it comes to Liz. Perhaps my distrust stems from learning the truth about the mainstream media or it could be because she has ignored my questions but I think that it has more to do with her life as a celebrity. She is not a ‘common person’. She is a strong television personality but not so much as a senator.


Randi Shannon Launches Iowa Senate Campaign

March 13, 2012 | For Immediate Release

Contact: Randi Shannon, 305-491-4597

Randi Shannon Launches Iowa Senate Campaign

Linn County small businesswoman and entrepreneur seeks to bring real world experience to Senate

MARION – Randi Shannon, a Marion entrepreneur and small businesswoman, formally launched her Iowa Senate campaign today by filing her nomination petitions and statement of candidacy with Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz. Shannon, a Republican, will run as to represent Senate District 34, a seat which includes the communities of Robins, Marion, Hiawatha, Bertram, Ely and portions of Cedar Rapids all in Linn County.

The co-owner of Iowa Glass and Iowa Auto Glass based in Cedar Rapids and several Internet based companies, Shannon, 44, is running to be a strong advocate for growing our economy, provide entrepreneurs the tools they need to realize their dreams, give Iowans more of their freedoms back and allow parents and children greater choice in education.

“I have spent the last 15 years in the business world both in Iowa and in other states and know very well what it takes to thrive, especially in a down economy. I am so glad to be back home in Iowa but I know there is a lot more we can do to make our state more competitive and to grow our communities,” said Shannon, a native of Iowa City, whose previous business ventures have taken her from coast to coast over the past several years as a Regional Vice President with ACN Communications in Florida and prior to that as a Senior Director with Excel Communications located in Dallas, Texas. “I am committed to fighting for lower taxes, responsible spending and the best education choices for our children.”

Besides her focus on growing Iowa’s economy, reducing taxes and getting more Iowans back into jobs, Shannon is passionate about providing educational choice and protecting our Second Amendment rights.

A proud mother of four boys ranging in age from 12 to 23, Shannon is a former home school mom who comes from a family who has proudly served in the United States Military. She believes choice in education is of high importance to Iowans she is passionate about the preservation of the Second Amendment because it is critical to our nation’s freedom and essential to protecting ourselves, our loved ones and our property.

An avid bike rider, who has completed two full RAGBRAI weeks, Shannon also enjoys spending time outdoors with her family and rooting on the Iowa Hawkeyes.

“I am a hard-working, dedicated entrepreneur and not a career politician. My entrance into politics is indicative of my life’s work – a desire to tackle problems and provide practical solutions,” said Shannon. Whether Independent, Libertarian, Republican or Democrat, I am asking for your vote and in return, I will fight so Iowans can live a more free and prosperous life,” she concluded.

For more information on Shannon’s campaign and vision for Iowa, visit her website at www.ShannonforSenate.com

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