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Letter to Editor on Gary Johnson and Greg Hughes – to Cedar Rapids Gazette

Seems to me that the only press third-party candidates can get in the mainstream media is negative. That’s too bad. I would like to know how the Gazette and Rod Boshart came up with the conclusion that Iowan’s aren’t interested in third-party candidates! Why is the comment section closed on the “Third party isn’t charm for Iowa voters” story? Why isn’t there a poll to see where Iowan’s really stand? If Iowan’s aren’t interested in Gary Johnson then why are his yard signs popping up all over town?
If Gary Johnson isn’t a “threat” to anyone then why did republicans across the country sue to keep him off the ballot? If our votes for Gary Johnson went to Mitt Romney, or Obama, then why bother with any law suit at all!
Not one word has been uttered about the Independent candidate for Congress, former Independent candidate for Governor, Greg Hughes. Greg Hughes is a factory worker who chairs the Iowa Child Support Advisory Committee to the Supreme Court who has been a family advocate for many years. Greg Hughes is the only candidate for congress talking about issues that are important to the Iowan’s I know that have been impacted by the court system. I am tired of the attack ads between the two attorneys constantly being aired on television I want to hear about Greg Hughes and what direction he would take District 1 if he were elected for Congress.

Mitt Romney & his Contributors are the Biggest Welfare Recipients of them All!


Lucky people who have jobs have attacked poor people just trying to live because of all the tax money that they use to eat and pay rent. Meantime, corporations are living like fat cats, sipping wine, and contributing to Mitt Romney! The corporations are not hard-working Americans! They are the biggest welfare recipients of all!!

What the hell is going on around here? WE HAD A LEGITIMATE CANDIDATE whose top contributors are in the military and the Wall Street guy gets the nomination?

Where is the American patriotism? Unplug the TV and WAKE UP!

We constantly thank our troops for fighting wars that aren’t even constitutional and then disregard the candidate who received his donations from ACTIVE MILITARY?

Ron Paul’s Donor List:

US Dept of Defense $125,454
US Army $114,507
US Navy $90,243

Google Inc $42,478
Microsoft Corp $30,259
US Marine Corps $29,703
Boeing Co $27,667
IBM Corp $26,606
Intel Corp $24,046
US Government $23,274
Lockheed Martin $22,200
Northrop Grumman $21,983
Ragingwire Enterprise Solutions $20,000
Corriente Advisors $20,000
US Postal Service $19,936
Oracle Corp $17,405
Verizon Communications $17,243
AT&T Inc $16,652
Fedex Corp $16,316
Cisco Systems $16,018

The American public must know that the man who has ads on television bashing President Obama about his welfare to work requirements is the biggest welfare recipient in the country! He got his money from companies who got big bailouts that destroyed the middle class!

Here are the companies that contributed to the cheating lying UN-American bully Mitt Romney:


Goldman Sachs $676,080
JPMorgan Chase & Co $520,299
Morgan Stanley $513,647
Bank of America $510,728
Credit Suisse Group $427,560
Citigroup Inc $363,015
Barclays $349,400
Wells Fargo $320,025
Kirkland & Ellis $309,042
Deloitte LLP $286,110
PricewaterhouseCoopers $266,650
UBS AG $259,200
HIG Capital $220,495
Blackstone Group $219,525
Bain Capital $172,500
Elliott Management $172,475
General Electric $158,800
Ernst & Young $156,425
Marriott International $154,837
Bain & Co $145,800


We need to teach both “parties” a lesson and vote third-party this election!

Will Ron Paul Endorse Mitt Romney?

I keep wondering, if Ron Paul is “not important” then why does the mainstream media keep pushing him to say he endorses their pick, Mitt Romney? It is highly unlikely Ron Paul will endorse Mitt Romney. He did not endorse McCain or Bush.

The mold was broke when Ron Paul was made! Rand, his son, is not him, and at this rate never will be able to fill his shoes!

I researched and researched and found that Ron Paul does not budge on issues on the wars. In 2008, he endorsed the Constitutional Presidential candidate, Chuck Baldwin, instead of John McCain. This made me feel better about him and all the work we put in to get him the nomination. I am looking forward to seeing what happens at the National Convention and if they don’t pick Ron Paul I look forward to seeing who he endorses! I hope he endorses Gary Johnson!

What’s going on in the United States?

We have known for a long time that we don’t run Washington DC -that they run us. While the powers that be wage their war on on the world there’s a different kind of war going on here at home. We are undergoing a Constitution crisis and if we don’t see our way out of this mess we could be heading down a path of unrest. Lawmakers claim that the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) isn’t meant to be used against American born citizens in the United States yet the United States Government has already used this act to gun down two American citizens in Yemen. While in the heat of the moment you might be relieved but when you think about it you should be frightened! Our government killed two American citizens without due process. We have become a lawless nation!

When will we become the targets?

What about “collateral damage” in the states? It’s a slippery slope people!

Are we going to just let lawmakers take our liberties?
We have to stick together or we’ll fall apart.

Here is a post that was on Facebook last Friday and was taken down soon thereafter! This guy needs to GO!

Nicole Rogers Jeff Miller
Friday at 9:59pm •
• So you vote AGAINST the people and the Constitution by voting “no” to the NDAA amendment that would take out indefinite detention of American citizens? You realize by doing so you have voted “yes” to an American citizen having NO legal counsel, NO right to a jury of their peers, and NO right to a speedy trial. In doing so you have voted against me, my family, my friends, and the rest of the American population. I will never support someone who doesn’t support my rights. You have got to go Jeff Miller.
Unlike •
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Marshall ‘Da Jeenyus’ Culpepper
Same goes for Rep. Jeff Duncan (SC) I’m asking people to write me in instead of voting for him. He may have an ‘education’ and a successful career and all that… and I am a H.S. Drop-out with a GED, but I know how to read, and understand what I’m reading. Those who voted against the Smith-Amash amendment are one of two things…. 1. Incompetent to perform their duties by FAILING to read and UNDERSTAND legislation before voting, or 2. TREASONOUS TRAITORS WHO MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE!
Friday at 10:03pm • Like • 4

Nicole Rogers Education does not equal common sense and the knowledge of right and wrong. I’d vote for you over these idiots any day!
Friday at 10:08pm • Unlike • 7

Winston Heisler Try telling that to some of the hear no evil, see no evil, say no evil, idiot supporters of a representative who consistantly votes to eliminate the Bill of Rights. Duh !
Saturday at 2:08am • Like • 1

Jeff Miller ‎Nicole Rogers The Amash amendment threatens our national security in order to coddle foreign enemy combatants. I do not support enemy combatants who attack our homeland during a time of war getting the same rights and privileges of American citizens, but that’s exactly this amendment does. I would suggest you go back and read the bill and the amendment.
Saturday at 8:51am • Like • 3

Nicole Rogers Oh trust me Jeff, I read the bill more closely than you.
Saturday at 11:58am via mobile • Like • 7

Nicole Rogers I also want to add my concern is for the rights of liberty and privacy for the American people NOT enemy combatants. Your suggestion that the amendment is helping to coddle foreign combatants is quite incorrect; the amendment stops the destruction of liberty as it pertains to the laws of privacy under the Constitution. Maybe you yourself should take another look.
Saturday at 1:39pm • Unlike • 7

Nicole Rogers By the way….when a FEDERAL judge says its unConstitutional….maybe the House and Senate should actually listen…

Saturday at 1:42pm • Like • 7

Winston Heisler
‎@Nicole Rogers..I think I’m in love. Way to go Nicole.. I feel a little lonely here at times. I’m one of the few who see’s Jeff’s voting record for what it is. Even if I had cause to seek help from his office, I’d eat shards of broken glass before I’d do like so many others, and beg at his feet.

You have to understand New-speak to communicate with Mr. Miller. Jeff prefers we have a Police State without those annoying constraints of the Constitution. All you have to look at is what is happening right now IN CHICAGO, ILLIONOIS. This is what their ultimate goal is, not just localized Martial Law, but a complete Police State Lockdown of all of America. All the draconian laws and Executive Orders that have been passed since 9/11, fit together quite nicely for what is now a Totalitarian Police State.

There is still hope in State Nullification and the Courts. As you mentioned, a NY Fed. Judge has set these bozo’s straight, a short lesson on Constitutionality, a subject our Civil Servants hate to hear.—–:

US district judge Katherine Forrest, in New York City’s eastern district, found that section 1021 of the NDAA– the key section of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) – which had been rushed into law amid secrecy and in haste on New Year’s Eve 2011, bestowing on any president the power to detain US citizens indefinitely, without charge or trial, “facially unconstitutional”.

Ooooh! Poor little Tyrants all upset by the Constitution??? It’s only a temporary setback, historically, Tyrants defy the laws of nature and of man till they ultimately destroy themselves.

Saturday at 2:02pm • Unlike • 4

Nicole Rogers So true. Many Americans are waking up tho Winston! We will not stand for the complete disregard of our liberties and freedoms much longer!
Saturday at 2:08pm via mobile • Unlike • 6

Jeff Miller ‎Nicole Rogers a federal judge also declared reciting the Pledge of Allegiance unconstitutional.http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2005-09-14-pledge-allegiance_x.htm By your earlier logic should the House and Senate listen to him?
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Jeff Miller
I think the WSJ sums up the problems with the Amash amendment quite well. “What {the Amash Amendment} means in practice is that if al Qaeda big Ayman al-Zawahiri and his soldiers are captured overseas (say, in Pakistan), they can be detained by the military, interrogated, and dispatched to wherever the Commander in Chief decides. But if they happen to make it to the U.S., they will have to be handled like your neighborhood burglar. That means being read their Miranda rights, handed over to the local police and put before a civilian judge. The military or CIA couldn’t question them to learn about future plots.
This is a bizarre distinction, as if America is not somehow part of the global terror battlefield. Try to explain that to the al Qaeda bombmakers in Yemen, or the residents of downtown Manhattan. The amendment would essentially reward al Qaeda operatives with better treatment for having the wit to get out of their caves and sneak into America to blow up civilians in shopping malls.” — WSJ May 16, 2012
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Nicole Rogers Lol perfect. A Representative who chooses the opinion of a mainstream media source rather than a federal judge. Anyone else shocked that we are $15 trillion in debt and constant war???
4 hours ago via mobile • Like • 7

Nicole Rogers If someone decides they should not read the pledge for personal reasons then it is their Constitutional right NOT to. You might want to look into what we used to teach our kids to do when the pledge was read. That is, until it became widely unpopular when used by Nazis. Fun history fact 🙂
4 hours ago via mobile • Like • 6

Jeff Miller My opinion on the Amash amendment is recorded long before this article came out. I happen to agree with the logic that you don’t treat foreign terrorists on US soil like petty thieves. I also believe students have the right to say “One Nation Under God” in teacher-led recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools, despite what a single federal judge in California said in his ruling.
3 hours ago • Like

Nicole Rogers I believe they have the right to say it as well, as I myself do. I just also believe in the right NOT to; as you can see from history force of any kind never turns out well…
3 hours ago via mobile • Like • 5

Nicole Rogers And I find your logic flawed based on the generality of the language within the bill. The language which would allow an American citizen to be called a terrorist with no proof to substantiate such a claim and indefinitely detained.
3 hours ago via mobile • Like • 7

Jeff Miller That’s not what the judge said in his ruiling he said that teacher-led recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools violates the Constitution’s protection of religious freedom because the pledge refers to “one Nation under God.”
3 hours ago • Like

Nicole Rogers
And he would be technically correct under the Constitution would he not? “One nation under God” wasn’t even in the original wording, it wasn’t added until 1954. And seeing how we live in such a diverse nation where religion is separate from government; to force someone to say these words would thus be unConstitutional. Take a child raised in a home where the main religion is Buddhism. Is it fair to force this child to comply with the rules of Christianity in a government setting? I personally choose to say “One nation under God” because I choose to live in a life where God is who I answer to. I also see that the Supreme Court and the United States Court of Appeals upheld that it should stay so the federal judges’ ruling was overturned.
2 hours ago • Unlike • 8

Jeff Miller
NDAA for Fiscal Year 2013 Section 1033 page 359 lines 9-16. I’m not sure how much more specific it can get

9 Nothing in Public Law 107–40; 50 U.S.C. 1541 note or the National
10 Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 (Public
11 Law 112–81) shall be construed to deny the availability of
12 the writ of habeas corpus in a court ordained or established
13 by or under Article III of the Constitution for any person
14 who is detained in the United States pursuant to the Au
15 thorization for Use of Military Force (Public Law 107–40;
16 50 U.S.C. 1541 note).
2 hours ago • Like

Ajai Dittmar BOOOOOO isn’t this treasonous against the American people? All these lawmakers who swore to uphold the Constitution yet VOTED TO DETAIN AMERICANS without due process should be arrested for voting for it! Don’t worry though, unlike the lawmakers, we the people would WANT YOU to have DUE PROCESS.
2 hours ago • Like • 5

Joe Bouchard Nicole, you rock.
2 hours ago • Unlike • 4

Nicole Rogers So if that language is so clear Jeff Miller, why can’t the FBI director answer the question???

2 hours ago • Unlike • 5

Lauren Curleyhair Jeff, your really horrible at debating. Sucks that the people you are supposed to representing disagree with you, yet you vote how you feel anyway. What a horrible representative.
2 hours ago • Unlike • 4

TJ Riordan
What part of PROTECT & UPHOLD the CONSTITUTION do you not understand Representative? By approving a law that restricts and denies Constitutional Rights to US Citizens…and then voting against the Amendment to correct that violation. TREASON against the PEOPLE.

“The NDAA subjects these individuals to arbitrary detention without trial, denying the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of due process and Sixth Amendment rights to challenge evidence and confront one’s accusers. The NDAA also endangers First and Fourth Amendment rights, because the PATRIOT Act expanded the definition of “material support for terrorism” to include crimes of speech and association even by defendants who neither committed nor ever intended to support violence.”
about an hour ago • Unlike • 3

TJ Riordan
‎”The NDAA is a blatant violation of the Fifth Amendment, which states that “(n)o person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury … nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” An essential element of due process in American legal history and common law has been always been the right to trial by jury. Even the recent U.S. Supreme Court case Hamdi v. Rumsfeld in 2004 ruled that, “Fifth Amendment due process guarantees give a citizen held in the United States as an enemy combatant the right to contest that detention before a neutral decisionmaker.” Yet the federal government now claims the authority to send even U.S. citizens to a military prison for an indefinite period of time with neither trial nor charges.

Theoretically, the U.S. Supreme Court will never overturn this law, even though it is blatantly unconstitutional, because a person detained with the provisions in the NDAA might never get a day in court. Thus, the only remaining solution to this grossly un-American legislation is its swift repeal.”
about an hour ago • Unlike • 3

Nicole Rogers Ding ding ding! You are correct Scott 🙂 There is no clarity and the bill is loosely worded on all accounts. The passing of this section of the NDAA was an act of treason against the people. Forefathers are rolling in their graves right now….
about an hour ago • Unlike • 8

Ronnie Traina Nice!!!! Get em’ Nicole!!
about an hour ago • Like • 2

Ajai Dittmar It’s laws like this that cause unrest in this country!
about an hour ago • Like • 2

Lauren Curleyhair Gone to copy and paste something else Jeff?
about an hour ago • Unlike • 3

Brett Klingel Weren’t the founders of this nation, who created Congress, fighting against these same kinds of laws?
about an hour ago • Unlike • 3

Lauren Curleyhair Never sacrifice your liberties for safety. Ever.
58 minutes ago • Unlike • 3

KC Ted You can click Like on my statement if you like
26 minutes ago • Like

Marshall ‘Da Jeenyus’ Culpepper that’s not what the judge said in HIS ruling??? wasn’t the judge a lady???? I’m pretty sure it was.
24 minutes ago • Like

Ajai Dittmar Some people can’t handle the heat! If you can’t handle the heat stay out of the kitchen!
19 minutes ago • Like

Jeff Miller ‎Marshall ‘Da Jeenyus’ Culpepper http://www.law.com/regionals/ca/judges/usdistrict/karlton.htmJudge Lawrence Karlton is a male
15 minutes ago • Like

Jeff Miller
Again, there is nothing “loosely worded” about “Nothing shall be construed to deny the availability of the writ of habeas corpus in a court ordained or established by or under Article III of the Constitution for any person who is detained in the United States.” The Amash amendment did not protect the rights of American Citizens,those are guaranteed by the Constitution, it would have granted constitutional rights to foreign terrorist who are captured on US soil.
8 minutes ago • Like

Ajai Dittmar Prove it- copy and paste it on this post – please
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Alabama Voter Fraud or Human Error

The Delegates in Linn County Iowa

I was at the Linn County GOP Convention on Saturday, March 10, 2012 and I am totally confused about this entire delegate process. I wonder just exactly what is going on. No one voted for a single presidential candidate no one even talked about who our nominee would be!
If they (meaning the RINOS from the GOP those who have big money and routinely meander through the delegate process) think that we are just going to let them chose whomever they want our nominee to be then they have another thing coming! Some of us have already discussed this and have decided to try to fix the Republican Party. If the Republican Party cannot be fixed from the inside then there is no hope for it at all! They might as well hang it up.
Four years ago I caucused for Hilary Clinton and ended up voting for Barack Obama. I feel like I have been betrayed. I will not be voting democrat this year and if things keep going the way they’re going I will never participate in the “two party” scam again.
This, coming from a “Super Voter”, I will never vote for a candidate who is involved in the two party system again. I will declare my independence from the United States of America; like many others; declare my sovereignty.
The government has gotten too big and it’s gotten to the point of no return. If we don’t return to the rule of law and the Constitution then I don’t want to be a part of it.
Some speak about the New World Order and I want to speak to that. I am not for a New World Order. I am not for joining the rest of the world in an international government. I do not like NATO or the UN I do not like them like Sam I am does not like green eggs and ham. Will I like them in the future? Highly doubtful, I have not seen anything that they do as good. I see NATO and the UN as warmongers, war profiteers, and as an inconsiderate group of elitists who are not friends to our troops or the families of our troops.

Is there some kind of advantage to joining the world in a one world government? Certainly, but if the one world government is what is going on in our world today and it is that which kills many innocent people then there is no way I will be a part of it.
I am American first and second a patriot I will not settle like a sheep on its way to slaughter. I will not condone the murder of so many to profit a few. Life is too short to live in fear of our government and I have lived in fear of the government for far too long.
I see the American citizens as wild animals forced into a corner. When wild animals need to fight for their lives, they will, fiercely, and sometimes to the death.
While the mainstream media feeds you lines of lies to you in your living room know that we have one candidate who has hit the ground running one candidate who will stand up to NATO and the UN one candidate who will be honest about what is really going on. That candidate is Ron Paul.
Some people say that Ron Paul is “not electable” or that he is “too old”. I hope people start use their critical thinking skills (if they have any left) and start asking the hard questions. Do we want to police the world? In the land of the free why do we lock up more people than China? How safe do you feel knowing that our Congress has no say in whether or not we start dropping bombs on another country? I don’t feel safe at all.
Ron Paul isn’t getting any younger and our country isn’t getting any better. Do we want an older person with a lifetime of experience who isn’t advocating war to take office or do we want a young man full of testosterone with war in their sights to take the seat?
I will go with the choice of the troops, and the choice of the troops is Ron Paul. The troops have risked their own lives for this false freedom going wherever they are ordered to go doing what they are ordered to do. None of this has anything to do with defending our freedom or our country because our freedoms have been slowly taken from us and our country is falling apart.
I would also like to point out that it is time we put a grown up in office. We need someone in office that understands the complexities of the world that can help us get back to our founding principles. Our founding fathers carefully thought this over. They were explicit and reasonable. Our liberty is more important now than ever. Our liberty is worth the risk.
Why hasn’t Ron Paul gotten the media attention the others have gotten? What is the media afraid of? When will the GOP see err in their ways? The younger enthusiastic people that are involved in the presidential race are only involved because of Ron Paul. No other candidate or their supporters has the enthusiasm, heart, or dedication that the Ron Paul and his supporters have.
With that said, I will stand with my fellow Ron Paul supporters, If Ron Paul isn’t the GOP candidate I will write him in and I will write the Republican Party off as I have the Democratic Party.
“We the People” do have the power to make changes in this country and we will make changes! So, I will go on to the state conference and I will continue to support my candidate, Ron Paul. If the Republican Party wishes to destroy itself from the inside out then there is nothing I can do to stop it. I can honestly say though that I gave it a shot and tried to help them create and keep momentum on the grassroots level. I have done what I could do as an individual. The rest is up to the people of the United States. Will you go with the grain and the status quo or will you stand with the troops and support the only rational candidate in the running?

See videos of the Linn County GOP at https://www.youtube.com/user/sibzianna?feature=mhee