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Our Gary Johnson/ Greg Hughes Sign Wave encounter with Blairsferry Beggar

We went to the triangle on Blairsferry Road NE and I380 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa where we met the panhandler. Even though we weren’t even in his vicinity (we were across the street) he got mad and yelled at us for “coming around”. We weren’t there asking for any money. We were doing a sign wave exercising our freedom of speech and expression. He acted as if he was entitled to this tiny piece of land and I wonder, does he pay taxes on it? How about the money he makes? He was not nice! We tried to include him offered to “help” him (his sign said “Please help”) but he didn’t want our help he wanted us gone so that he could make money. I’ve given people money on that corner. Never again.

Aside from the rude panhandler we received positive feedback from the drivers! We got a lot of honks and thumbs up. Only one middle finger! You can’t win them all.

My ticket this term 2012

The newspaper finally did a story on Greg Hughes but it seemed gender biased. I like Robin Tucker’s idea of taking gender out of the Iowa Constitution. That is something we can do at the grassroots level across the state if we’re tired of the gender bias going on- on all levels.

A couple years ago my son came up from Alabama to visit. He got permission from his father to stay. When I called asking for help he freaked out and filed charges on me. I tried to get a lawyer to help me. There was no way I could go to Alabama. Greg helped me act on behalf of myself and my parents were there in person. Had I not filed the paperwork I did I wouldn’t be here to type this blog. Greg Hughes is the real deal and it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman.

I do a lot of court watching. I have gone to I don’t know how many court proceedings over the last few years. I’ve seen these judges in action. People complain about the judges but don’t vote on them. Educate yourselves! There will be more about how to do this on my blogs in the future. Things are spiraling out of control.

Which leads me to why I am voting for Gary Johnson and his Vice President pick Judge Grey. Both know that things have spun out of control within our judicial system. Kids are going to jail and made into criminals over a plant! Why? Because the government can’t figure out how to make money off of it without locking people up for smoking it. Ridiculous is what it is. Hemp could help our environment and essentially save our economy! It’s not like people aren’t going around finding alternatives to smoke to get past the drug testing. I would rather be around a bunch of pot heads than a bunch of people smoking incense! Now they are making up MORE LAWS to restrict the legality of that!


Mitt Romney & his Contributors are the Biggest Welfare Recipients of them All!


Lucky people who have jobs have attacked poor people just trying to live because of all the tax money that they use to eat and pay rent. Meantime, corporations are living like fat cats, sipping wine, and contributing to Mitt Romney! The corporations are not hard-working Americans! They are the biggest welfare recipients of all!!

What the hell is going on around here? WE HAD A LEGITIMATE CANDIDATE whose top contributors are in the military and the Wall Street guy gets the nomination?

Where is the American patriotism? Unplug the TV and WAKE UP!

We constantly thank our troops for fighting wars that aren’t even constitutional and then disregard the candidate who received his donations from ACTIVE MILITARY?

Ron Paul’s Donor List:

US Dept of Defense $125,454
US Army $114,507
US Navy $90,243

Google Inc $42,478
Microsoft Corp $30,259
US Marine Corps $29,703
Boeing Co $27,667
IBM Corp $26,606
Intel Corp $24,046
US Government $23,274
Lockheed Martin $22,200
Northrop Grumman $21,983
Ragingwire Enterprise Solutions $20,000
Corriente Advisors $20,000
US Postal Service $19,936
Oracle Corp $17,405
Verizon Communications $17,243
AT&T Inc $16,652
Fedex Corp $16,316
Cisco Systems $16,018

The American public must know that the man who has ads on television bashing President Obama about his welfare to work requirements is the biggest welfare recipient in the country! He got his money from companies who got big bailouts that destroyed the middle class!

Here are the companies that contributed to the cheating lying UN-American bully Mitt Romney:


Goldman Sachs $676,080
JPMorgan Chase & Co $520,299
Morgan Stanley $513,647
Bank of America $510,728
Credit Suisse Group $427,560
Citigroup Inc $363,015
Barclays $349,400
Wells Fargo $320,025
Kirkland & Ellis $309,042
Deloitte LLP $286,110
PricewaterhouseCoopers $266,650
UBS AG $259,200
HIG Capital $220,495
Blackstone Group $219,525
Bain Capital $172,500
Elliott Management $172,475
General Electric $158,800
Ernst & Young $156,425
Marriott International $154,837
Bain & Co $145,800


We need to teach both “parties” a lesson and vote third-party this election!

Iowa’s State Convention June 15 & 16, 2012

Reflections from Iowa State Convention
I didn’t drive all the way to Des Moines for a “unity slate” made up by ONE PERSON who is for Mitt Romney, I drove there to stand up for America’s future and to support my candidate, Ron Paul, who is now officially Iowa’s winner for president in the upcoming election.

Iowa might seem to have a lot of different “winners” during this presidential election but the truth is Iowa is just a place where candidates test their messages. Every poll up to this point has been a straw poll and none of them decide the real winner of the state until the delegates are chosen through the grueling political process and State Convention. In the State Convention last weekend Ron Paul delegates dominated the convention floor and were able to secure delegates to go represent him in the National Convention.

Wild horses couldn’t keep me away from the State Convention in Des Moines, Iowa on June 15 & 16, where I was determined to go and help support the cause of liberty. With so many like minded people in attendance at the State Convention I am happy to report that we were successful in choosing liberty minded people to attend the National Convention in Tampa this year. The media is saying we have yet, another winner, when the truth is Ron Paul has always been a top tier candidate. Our media has been a huge problem because they have ignored Ron Paul from the beginning (late night comedian John Stewart did a great job of showing the disparity). Cable news networks have portrayed Mitt Romney as a Top Tier candidate since last August, even though he came in 7th place in the Iowa Straw Poll!

Democrats partied in a nearby hall last weekend at the Iowa Events Center in HyVee Hall, as if they’ve already won this Novembers’ election. In a hall nearby emotions ran high as the Republicans argued amongst themselves. Romney supporters pushed a “unity theme” that failed miserably and did anything but unify the party.
Romney supporters even got physical, in District 2, with Ron Paul backers. Though the chair later apologizes for his conduct some of us think that criminal charges should have been filed and that the chair person should be forced to step down. There is no excuse for what is taking place in this election and it is my hope that American’s see that they are being duped by the mainstream media.

Iowans have always been serious about choosing the nominee for President of the United States. Some of us carefully and diligently study the candidates. The caucus process was transparent and aside from the bullying by Romney supporters I feel good about the process and feel we did an outstanding job of representing the voters of Iowa in the selection of our delegates.

With that said, I won’t be boycotting participating in the presidential process just yet, but one thing is for certain, I won’t be exploited to support or endorse the lesser of the two evils. I will vote for Ron Paul, who I hope and pray does win the nomination!

Mainstream Media Failure

I have waited three years for the presidential elections to begin and was excited about attending my first Straw Poll that was to be held in Ames Iowa, on August 13, 2011. Iowa is not a very exciting place, so when you have hundreds of thousands of people from all over the state driving miles to come together in one place to have a little face to face time and more than 17,000 people show up you better bet that it’s a big deal!
Mainstream media just turned the most ‘unimportant important political events of a presidential cycle’ into a pivotal political speaking point. Those of us from the Midwest want people to know that mainstream media failed you!
Why isn’t mainstream media beating down Ron Paul’s door asking for interviews? Why are they chasing the gun toting Texas cowboy, Rick Perry, across the country ignoring the only candidate who can beat President Obama, Ron Paul? Why the blackouts on the other winner of the Iowa Straw Poll—Ron Paul—the plain guy talking about liberty and the Constitution who didn’t offer a free country western concert. What is mainstream media so afraid of? What else have they been hiding from us?
At this point I am livid. I feel that mainstream media made a mockery of our political process and bases their ‘news’ on half truths and this illusion that our presidency is based on some superficial popularity contest.
Social media is here to stay while the days of mainstream media are numbered. Social media is the next best thing to face to face communication in such a technological world. Research all your candidates and make an informed decision before you trust anything that comes through to your television because I guarantee you’re not hearing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

Media Ignoring Ron Paul