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Mitt Romney & his Contributors are the Biggest Welfare Recipients of them All!


Lucky people who have jobs have attacked poor people just trying to live because of all the tax money that they use to eat and pay rent. Meantime, corporations are living like fat cats, sipping wine, and contributing to Mitt Romney! The corporations are not hard-working Americans! They are the biggest welfare recipients of all!!

What the hell is going on around here? WE HAD A LEGITIMATE CANDIDATE whose top contributors are in the military and the Wall Street guy gets the nomination?

Where is the American patriotism? Unplug the TV and WAKE UP!

We constantly thank our troops for fighting wars that aren’t even constitutional and then disregard the candidate who received his donations from ACTIVE MILITARY?

Ron Paul’s Donor List:

US Dept of Defense $125,454
US Army $114,507
US Navy $90,243

Google Inc $42,478
Microsoft Corp $30,259
US Marine Corps $29,703
Boeing Co $27,667
IBM Corp $26,606
Intel Corp $24,046
US Government $23,274
Lockheed Martin $22,200
Northrop Grumman $21,983
Ragingwire Enterprise Solutions $20,000
Corriente Advisors $20,000
US Postal Service $19,936
Oracle Corp $17,405
Verizon Communications $17,243
AT&T Inc $16,652
Fedex Corp $16,316
Cisco Systems $16,018

The American public must know that the man who has ads on television bashing President Obama about his welfare to work requirements is the biggest welfare recipient in the country! He got his money from companies who got big bailouts that destroyed the middle class!

Here are the companies that contributed to the cheating lying UN-American bully Mitt Romney:


Goldman Sachs $676,080
JPMorgan Chase & Co $520,299
Morgan Stanley $513,647
Bank of America $510,728
Credit Suisse Group $427,560
Citigroup Inc $363,015
Barclays $349,400
Wells Fargo $320,025
Kirkland & Ellis $309,042
Deloitte LLP $286,110
PricewaterhouseCoopers $266,650
UBS AG $259,200
HIG Capital $220,495
Blackstone Group $219,525
Bain Capital $172,500
Elliott Management $172,475
General Electric $158,800
Ernst & Young $156,425
Marriott International $154,837
Bain & Co $145,800


We need to teach both “parties” a lesson and vote third-party this election!