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Top Ten Reasons Why I Won’t Vote for Monica Vernon for Congress

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of Monica Vernon.  I have many  reasons I will not vote for Monica Vernon.  Here are my top ten:

1.  Monica Vernon blocked me on Facebook.  When I asked her why she told me that I was “too negative” and then added that I was the only person she has blocked.   If Monica can’t handle my commentary on local matters how will she treat people when it comes to state/national issues?  Will she just ignore the people in her district when she doesn’t agree with them?   Will she block you, your parents, or other lawmakers?  Her skin is not  thick enough for the position.
2.  Monica Vernon lied to Cedar Rapids citizens when she advocated for the Local Option Sales Tax. She told the Gazette that “It’s all for housing” and the Gazette later clarified that “90% of the revenue from the sales tax–expected to generate about $18 million a year for the city for five and one-quarter years should voters approved the tax on Tuesday–will be used for the buyout, rehabilitation and relocation of flood damaged housing”  (Gazette Thursday, February 26, 2009). That did not happen.  Instead, historical homes were demolished and people had to wait for the city to get money from the state before they were paid. This while the city made grand plans for a new library, fire station, public works building, and much more.
3.  Monica Vernon does not care about working class people. The neighborhoods full of flood recovery my assworking class people were demolished. Many of the people who lived in these neighborhoods wanted to rebuild but they were told no or denied the same funding other people got because of where they were located.  Monica was on the council when all these decisions were made. She never stood up for anyone whose property rights were violated.  Monica never made any effort to save anything on the west bank. Nor did she fight for the working class people when it came to buyouts. Houses were torn down before the homeowners were compensated and they weren’t compensated with the LOST money. Furthermore, Monica told me that the Local Option Sales Tax Oversight Committee (a committee I was a member of for one year) in an email that it was set up without authority on purpose!When we set up the committee it was set up to express concerns and caution the council but with no authority.”  “That was by design.” Monica Vernon

lost deception

4.  Monica Vernon doesn’t care about the Constitution. While in office Monica supported unconstitutional ordinances that has gotten the city sued not once but twice.
5.  Monica Vernon only became a Democrat when she wanted to gain the votes of the union members. Before that she was a Republican.
6.  Monica Vernon’s commercials make her sound like a single mom who knows the struggles. She claims she worked hard from her kitchen table to build a business. She fails to mention that her husband is a successful lawyer and that she is in the banking business. http://thegazette.com/2009/12/23/central-city-bank-sold-to-local-investors/
7.  Monica Vernon does not have the courage to take on the “Tea Party gridlock” as she claims in one of her commercials. She doesn’t go to “Tea Party” meetings nor does she try to communicate with anyone that I know of in our local “Tea Party” movement. She will not represent the constitutional conservatives of District 1.
8.  Monica Vernon has done nothing for troubled young people in Cedar Rapids. Since the beginning of 2014 seven people have been murdered in Cedar Rapids. Two of the killers have only been caught because they turned their guns on themselves. Young people have no affordable healthy outlets that I know of in Cedar Rapids.  She claims in one of her commercials that “we need to stand up for what’s right, together” but she hasn’t stood up for what’s right on so many instances I can’t believe a word she says!
9.  Monica Vernon does not clearly understand the meaning of “conflict of interest”. board of adjustmentsMonica voted in favor of  her husbands position on the Board of Adjustments.  The Board of Adjustment is where one goes to get zoning changes and variances.  I question most of the decisions she has made through the years.
10. Monica Vernon supported giving millionaires tax breaks through TIFs (Tax Increment Financing) therefore competing with local business owners. She has also voted to give hundreds of properties away to these same millionaires. Go to: Get The Facts CR for more information.

Monica Vernon is bad for Cedar Rapids and she would be a disaster for Iowa. While we go through these primaries I hope that people do their homework and look into all the candidates on the ticket and chose anyone but Monica Vernon.

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RE: Northwest Recreation Center Site Selection Task Force

Letter to the city council and the Northwest Recreation Center Site Selection Task Force

I know the Northwest Recreation Center Site Selection Task Force meets tomorrow and that they are in charge of selecting the site for the Time Check Recreation Center replacement and I want to make certain my concerns are heard if I am unable to make it to the meeting.
Is the plan still to build on this “preferred” spot that just flooded?


The “preferred” site for the replacement of the Time Check Recreation Center

“Sina said the city might need to cut down 600 trees to make way for the recreation center on the Q Avenue NW site” http://thegazette.com/2011/09/26/panel-recommends-ellis-for-rec-center/
Couldn’t we instead appeal to FEMA to go with the Ellis Blvd site by Time Check Park? At least it doesn’t flood “every year”. I would be willing to write in favor of that site but I will fight tooth and nail against anything being built in Ellis Park especially after the last few days!
Here’s a video I made today hoping to have input (even though we already went through the neighborhood planning process and had our opinions asked over and over until we’re blue in the face). I am concerned that our input as a community still hasn’t been taken seriously. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ecckNCbx1Dk

Please take this into consideration when choosing the site.
This ice jam flood reminded many of us who went through the 2008 flood just where the river fed into the neighborhoods before coming out of it’s banks! Please train someone to run the dam to control this better in the future.
Thank you,
Ajai Dittmar


Cedar Rapids Targeting Bad landlords Again

Cedar Rapids Targeting Bad landlords Again

Property market

Property market (Photo credit: Alan Cleaver)

The city is meeting at noon today so that they can pass more ordinances for us.  The city should take care of their own nuisances  like their closed sidewalks and abandoned houses/garages before making new rules for taxpaying property owners. We have a problem house in our neighborhood and the landlord continues to rent to the criminal element and I have never heard of anything happening to them!

The City Council today will consider passing a new ordinance entitled “Nuisance Properties,” which defines how many of which behaviors by tenant or landlord will prompt a property to be labeled a nuisance. Such a label could result in fines against a property and a requirement that the property owner remedy the problem.

The nuts and bolts of the city’s proposed ordinance will have city employees from a variety of departments, including police officers and housing inspectors, feeding information about property violations into the same database, which quickly will alert property owners — including homeowners — of problems at their properties. The city also will create a new city position of nuisance abatement coordinator, who will work with property owners on violations, penalties and plans to remedy the problems. A nuisance label will attach to a property, for instance, if a serious crime occurs at or near a property during a 12-month period or two less serious crimes do or three even less serious ones do.

Robin Tucker, a landlord and Realtor, on Monday said the city’s proposed nuisance ordinance places all the burden on the property owner and none on the tenant. The proposed ordinance is too “heavy-handed” and lacks an educational component for tenants, he added.

Council member Vernon said she isn’t surprised about the landlord concerns because the ordinance is a notable change in the way the city regulates property.  “But I think the general public out there welcomes it,” Vernon said. “The vast majority of our citizens and our tenants and landlords are great people. But we been inching and inching toward a higher and higher percentage of those who are not taking care of their properties. And we just have to stop it.”

I don’t think the general public has much of an opportunity to weigh in on this Mrs. Vernon since today’s council meeting is at noon-oops my bad it was at 4:00 pm today.

Cedar Rapids City Council Discourages Citizen Input ~ Has meetings at Noon and 4:30

I have gotten dozens of complaints about the Cedar Rapids City Council meetings that occur every other Tuesday at Noon and 4:30 pm.

I would like to see the Council Meetings go back to the way they were before Ron Corbett became Mayor of Cedar Rapids.

(a) Public Comment first and then the meeting. Forcing people to sign up before the meeting, never knowing how long the meeting will be, discourages people from coming and saying anything at all.

(b) Consistent and convenient meeting time 5:30 pm.

Since the meetings have changed I have heard nothing but complaints and I am not impressed with the changes either. If there is something I’d like to talk to the council about I would like to go to the meeting and say what I have to say and leave! Sitting around for hours listening to the council go back and forth about whatever topic they are talking about is unproductive and time-consuming.

What do you think? Would you take part if the meeting time were 5:30 every other Tuesday? Click the red text below and vote in the poll!

Should Cedar Rapids City Council go back to their old meeting time? 5:30 Every other Tuesday