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New Year’s Resolution Tips

 new year resMillions of people use the New Year as a time to reexamine their lives and set new goals for themselves oftentimes to no avail.

People  set unrealistic goals and end up disappointed. Changing your lifestyle is not easy but if it something you want to do bad enough it is possible.

Statistics show that 75% of what we write down happens.  So, grab a pad of paper and start listing all all the things you would like to change about yourself .  From that list pick one or two things that motivate you.

If you want to lose weight– start out with a low goal so that you don’t let yourself down.  If you want to write a book start by writing one page a day. If you start now by this time next year you might have a best seller!

Creating resolutions for things you cannot change is pointless.

New Year’s Resolutions are about personal improvements. Remember where there is a will there is a way! ! Focus on things that you have the power to change and remember it is all about you and how motivated you are to do something about it.

Mark your calendar or put an alarm in your phone to remind you of your resolution six months from now.

Know your strengths and weaknesses.   Set realistic expectations for yourself.  Are your resolutions important enough to you to want work on them?  Take baby steps to help you meet your goals.  Taking small steps towards your goal is better than doing nothing at all.

“A paragraph a day is better than a blank page”

If you can successfully change a behavior that is a problem for you then you deserve to reward yourself!

Making a list of resolutions is easy but  accomplishing those resolutions is not.  Be patiently tenacious with yourself.  It takes about a month to change a behavior but 4 days to fall back into your old way of doing things.

Remember you are the only one who can make your resolutions reality.

Happy New Year!


Ryan Lunza named Connecticut Child Killer turns into a Social Media Nightmare & an Attack on Gun Rights

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones, especially the little ones. What a sad and terrible tragedy.

ABC News reported this incident for hours. At first, they reported the shooter was 24-year-old Ryan Lunza. They said that “he was the new face of mental health”. Social media networks went crazy targeting Ryan. Then Ryan made a post that shocked thousands. Now, ABC News “can’t be clear on who the shooter is” now they report it was “20-year-old Adam Lunza”.

Nonetheless, they claim that no matter which brother is was the “relationship was still the same”. I have a problem with this kind of reporting because these two men are not the same people. There didn’t seem to be a social profile of Adam that I could find. I couldn’t imagine what Ryan is going through. He just lost his family and his brother is the most hated man in America now. I looked at his profile on Facebook before he took it down and I didn’t see anything that would show he was a violent person. His profile and little conversation seemed to revolve around art. Now, Ryan is going to be interrogated by the police because there is another crime scene at his parents home.

New information found: Ryan Lanza’s ID apparently was taken by his brother, the suspected Connecticut gunman Now the news is reporting that authorities don’t believe Ryan was involved. What a way to find out your whole family is dead.
The politicians and media didn’t take long to make the tragedy about them and more gun control. President Obama got on air to speak about the situation. He looked like he was crying.

“We are going to have to come together to take action on this” said Obama

Then I came across this story: http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/regions/americas/united-states/121214/sandy-hook-elementary-school-shooting-connecticu

Guns obtained legally

CBS News reported that preliminary information suggested that Adam Lanza, the shooting suspect who killed himself in the school, obtained the guns he used in the shooting legally.

A law enforcement official told CBS News that the guns found at the scene were a Sig Sauer, a Glock 9 and a Bushmaster rifle.
Meanwhile, in Michigan, the Senate and House have passed a bill that would allow the carrying of concealed weapons in areas including schools, churches, day cares and stadiums.
For more on that, read here.
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I am a parent. I have an elementary aged child who is in school right now. I don’t know if I trust other people’s judgement to keep my child or anyone’s children safe at this point! What do you think of this situation? Do you have children or grandchildren that attend public schools? Are you worried about something like this happening in your community? What can we do about these mass shootings that won’t infringe on our Second Amendment right to bear arms? Should we allow concealed weapons in our schools and churches like they do in Michigan? Michigan approves concealed weapons in schools, churches

The public school system has taken it upon themselves to teach our children about sex and drugs but teach them nothing about gun safety or what to do if someone comes into their school with a gun. When will our teachers be given the training they need to keep themselves and their classrooms safe?