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Ben Lange is endorsed by American Future Fund PAC

American Future Fund PAC endorses Ben Lange

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Contact: Mandy Fletcher Fraher (515) 720-5250

American Future Fund PAC is pleased to announce their endorsement of Ben Lange for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District.

A husband, father, businessman and patriot, Ben Lange is the right man at the right time to represent Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. Lange’s common sense commitment to cut federal spending, reduce the deficit and repeal ObamaCare is just what working families of Iowa need. He has built a solid organization and his energy knows no bounds. But it is his family values, solid conservative philosophy and integrity that will truly capture the hearts of Iowa voters.

Two years ago, Ben Lange, challenged Democrat incumbent Bruce Braley. Although considerably outspent, Lange came within only two percentage points of victory. This year, they are running in a newly drawn district, largely stripping Braley of his incumbent advantage. Moreover, Braley has continued to show Iowa voters his true liberal colors and fondness for making empty promises. Despite his liberal anti-job, pro-tax, Pelosi-loving voting record, Braley gushes with politically motivated rhetoric, in hopes that Iowa voters can’t tell the difference. Ben Lange will offer a refreshing contrast this election. Lange is a man of his word and won’t change his mind to follow political winds.

“Ben Lange’s conservative record, experience and strong campaign structure make him the right candidate to go head-to-head with incumbent liberal Bruce Braley in the fall,” stated AFF PAC Founder, Nick Ryan. “AFF PAC is proud to endorse Lange, a candidate Iowans can trust, and we are prepared to go the distance to defend him from attacks to ensure victory.”

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Will you help Ben Lange sponsor this ad?

Dear Ajai,

Today we launched a radio offensive against the failed leadership of Bruce Braley (D-IA) and the Washington political establishment!

Our message is true and our cause is just. But there will be those who seek to deflect and distort the truth to stay in power.

Will you help me speak truth to power and sponsor this ad on a local radio station for $25?

My family and I cannot do this alone.

We are counting on people like YOU to pitch-in, not only to preserve the future of America, but to preserve the very beacon of freedom for all mankind.

We can do this!

Respectfully Yours,

Ben Lange
Candidate for U.S. Congress



I cannot afford to pledge anymore money to politics than I already have but I will certainly share your request with my readers!