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What if?

What if the casino measure doesn’t pass?  Will McLeod and Gray still invest on the west bank?

The suits in the articles listed in the video aboveclaim McLeodUSA and several senior executives made false and misleading statements to inflate the value of McLeodUSA stock [b]They accuse McLeodUSA of failing to disclose it lacked funds to complete its national telecommunications network and failing to take impairment losses on money-losing acquisitions in a timely fashion.[/b]
The Gazette January 22 2002

Mr. Gray served as President of McLeodUSA Incorporated from April 1992 until December 2004


Cedar Rapids Headlines 12/16/12

Armed Robbery at Casey’s General Store in Cedar Rapids

Around 1:20 a.m. at the Casey’s General Store, 1201 First Avenue SE, Cedar Rapids. Aman wearing dark clothing and a black ski-mask entered the store, showed a handgun and demanded cash from the clerk, officer said early this morning.

He then ran away with an unknown amount of money.Anyone with information about the incident is encouraged to call police at (319) 286-5491. Tips can also be left anonymously by calling Linn County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-CS-CRIME (272-7463).

We have got to get a grip on the crime taking place in this city!

Westdale Mall

Westdale Mall (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Westdale Mall Sale in Cedar Rapids Sets up Partial Demolition

Byers, a Realtor at Gibbs Lamb Drown Commercial in Cedar Rapids and developer of the successful Marketplace on 1st retail center across First Avenue East from Lindale Mall, cautioned that a few details need to be worked out before his investor group closes on the property purchase.

However, Frew, president/CEO of Frew Development Group and the project manager of the city’s downtown convention complex and hotel projects, said Friday that he and his group have signed the land lease deal with Byers, adding, “Our company is certainly expecting the project to happen.”

“I think it’s all going to come together,” Frew continued. “At long last we’re in a position to move this project forward.”

Frew, who is based in Denver, Colo., came close to buying the mall earlier this year before last-minute problems over existing tenant leases caused him to set his purchase offer aside.

Frew said the current redevelopment plan is the same as the earlier one. That is, to create a “multiuse destination” around the mall’s anchor stores with a development of apartments, condominiums, retail stores, offices, restaurants, a park and a hotel.

The site, he said, will come to be known as Westdale, not Westdale Mall, and he said it will not be unlike the transformation that turned Southglenn Mall in the Denver area into The Streets at SouthGlenn.

“It will be a city within a city, a place where people shop, eat, work, play and sleep,” Frew said

Interesting idea, wonder where they came up with it.

Thrift Store Raises Money For Senior Citizens In Linn County

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – A new Cedar Rapids thrift store is using their sales to help seniors in need. Changing Hands Thrift Store will raise money for a organization called Seeds 4 Seniors. That organization was started by the Neighborhood Church in Cedar Rapids and provides food and medical supplies to needy seniors in Linn County.

The store is located at 2737 16th Ave. SW in Cedar Rapids, next to the Dollar General. If people would like to donate unwanted items they can drop them off at the store anytime during business hours. The store is open Monday – Saturday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.. On Mondays and Thursdays, all senior citizens receive an additional 50 percent discount in the store.

Support our local seniors and check out the thrift store!

David v Goliath in Iowa’s First Congressional District

The choices we’ve been given by the two-party system have left us very little choice in the November election! Both of our congressional candidates are lawyers. If the only place you get information from is the television you’re really missing out on some potentially good candidates that could help us turn this country around! Why aren’t all the candidates going to be presented to us in the debates?

The two attorneys vying for our votes are busy spending their money to get you to vote for them in the 2012 election by airing attack ads against each other. Wouldn’t their money be better spent on telling us what they will do instead of telling us what the other one will do or has done wrong? Attack ads on television are expensive and annoying but with this money and their advertisements they have the ability to create a illusion that there is only two candidates in this race. I’ve heard enough attack ads between Romney and Obama! Lange and Braley just added to it!

Who is Greg Hughes and what does he believe in? Greg Hughes is a factory worker who spends his free time helping people who get caught up in the family court system. He believes in hard work, strong families, and fiscal responsibility. Greg Hughes has run a Tae Kwon Do school and has helped people through a volunteer pro-se clinic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Greg Hughes helps people help themselves.

Our children and grandchildren cannot afford the perpetual debt that these politically savvy lawyers have gotten us into. “One of the things I think that bothers me the most is the destruction of the family unit.” says Hughes. “For example, a grandmother was denied custody of her grand-daughter. Why? Because she was “low-income”. “Since when was that ever a reason to take away a families rights?” “Meantime the courts give abused children to strangers everyday through the foster care system.” More stories about Iowa families are available on this webpage: http://www.usajudicialreform.com/ for more stories.

Iowa families have been through hell over the last twenty years. My best friend has had her children removed and returned three times by the Department of Human Services! Why? Because some social workers (who didn’t even have children of their own) decided that it would be in the “best interest of the children”. Family courts removed my best friends children from their mother and put them with strangers! One of her daughters was only five years old when the family courts placed her in a foster home. While she was in a house of strangers she was sexually abused! Instead of questioning the foster home the police and DHS went after family her members! DHS and the family courts ended up putting this little girl in a “sex offender treatment facility” when she was FIVE YEARS OLD. YES, AFTER SHE WAS ABUSED IN A FOSTER HOME! What kind of agency puts a five-year old little girl in a sex offender treatment facility after she was abused? The kind that doesn’t want to admit their own guilt for putting the child in an unsafe home that they chose! We need reform!

According to Hughes, the Chair of the Child Support Advisory Committee to the Supreme Court of Iowa “The Supreme Court is asking for an increase of $175 million of our tax money to continue running their ineffective dysfunctional court system that systematically destroys families.” Hughes claims that “nearly a billion dollars is circulated through our court system every year.”

“We have judges sleeping at the bench screwing up people’s lives! We’ve even had a judge with a brain tumor ruling on people’s livelihood!” said Hughes. “It’s time to retire bad judges and throw all the lawyers out of elected offices!”

I couldn’t agree more! This race is like the Local Option Sales Tax race in Cedar Rapids (both of them). The other teams have a lot of money to air attack ads but we aren’t asking for your money to run attack ads all we’re asking for is your vote in November. Vote Greg Hughes for Iowa Congress.


Come check out Greg Hughes Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Greg-Hughes-for-Congress/489691757710448

Hughes for Congress We need a common man in office not another lawyer


I have met all the candidates for congress and while I think that all of them are “nice guys” I am going to have to throw my support behind someone who is talking about the issues that are important to my family and friends, Greg Hughes.

I met Greg Hughes when he was running for Governor. He was motivated and traveled all around Iowa trying to convince people to vote outside of the two party paradigm. I was disappointed in the media for not talking about him simply because he wasn’t a democrat or republican. It was clear then and it’s clear now that things haven’t changed and there is no plan to mention him.

What is Greg Hughes talking about that the other candidates aren’t?

The destruction of the family unit! Why are grandparents being denied custody to their grandchildren? One grandmother was denied custody because she didn’t have enough income! So, the state will give strangers a check for a child that they put in foster care but won’t help a grandmother? What is wrong with our family court system? Why are children being put with strangers when there are family members who will take care of them?

The court system is broken! Greg is the Chair of the Iowa Child Support Recovery Committee to the Supreme Court. He talks about people who have been jailed for delinquent child support payments. One man is a veteran who was jailed even after he paid his child support! What kind of judge jails one of our veterans during such hard financial times for late child support payments? A bad judge that’s who! Even though this man paid his child support, in full, he was still forced to do time! How are people supposed to work to pay child support when they are in jail? Jail is not the answer! Jailing people over things like this is a huge problem in Iowa.

Greg is talking about disaster reform. In 2008, 78 of the 99 counties in Iowa were declared a “federal disaster”. “More than $153 million in federal assistance has been approved for individuals, businesses and communities in Iowa, according to state and federal recovery officials.” This money has been misused in so many ways it’s not funny! This needs to stop! To this day the City of Cedar Rapids is using FEMA money just because it’s there!

While homes that were rebuilt were demolished for a check the city complains that there isn’t enough affordable housing! UNREAL!

People impacted by disasters shouldn’t have ever been forced to sell their homes in a “voluntary property acquisition”!

Greg Hughes is genuinely concerned for the people of Iowa and we finally have a chance to elect someone who isn’t afraid to deal with entities such as the “Child Support Recovery Unit” and “DHS” or the “Department of Human Services”. We need reform and there is no way that these LAWYERS running for office are going to give us any hope for that!

I have spent a lot of time vetting all the candidates. I’ve given the other candidates the opportunity to “win me over” but neither one of them will touch anything that I feel is important to Iowans! It’s important to know who is on the ticket this election and to vote wisely. A vote for the democrat or republican is a vote for the status quo. A vote for Greg Hughes is the only way to go!

I hope that everyone gets out and votes for him so that we can get to work on this! The only way we’re going to be able to take our power back is if we take it away from the attorney’s that have spent years profiting off of us and our misfortunes!

Cedar Rapids Flood Recovery Meeting and Lisa Kuzela

Presidential Politics and the Caucus Process


I just figured out how to “livestream” video! LOOK OUT! No edits or cuts in the video! I LOVE IT!