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David v Goliath in Iowa’s First Congressional District

The choices we’ve been given by the two-party system have left us very little choice in the November election! Both of our congressional candidates are lawyers. If the only place you get information from is the television you’re really missing out on some potentially good candidates that could help us turn this country around! Why aren’t all the candidates going to be presented to us in the debates?

The two attorneys vying for our votes are busy spending their money to get you to vote for them in the 2012 election by airing attack ads against each other. Wouldn’t their money be better spent on telling us what they will do instead of telling us what the other one will do or has done wrong? Attack ads on television are expensive and annoying but with this money and their advertisements they have the ability to create a illusion that there is only two candidates in this race. I’ve heard enough attack ads between Romney and Obama! Lange and Braley just added to it!

Who is Greg Hughes and what does he believe in? Greg Hughes is a factory worker who spends his free time helping people who get caught up in the family court system. He believes in hard work, strong families, and fiscal responsibility. Greg Hughes has run a Tae Kwon Do school and has helped people through a volunteer pro-se clinic in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Greg Hughes helps people help themselves.

Our children and grandchildren cannot afford the perpetual debt that these politically savvy lawyers have gotten us into. “One of the things I think that bothers me the most is the destruction of the family unit.” says Hughes. “For example, a grandmother was denied custody of her grand-daughter. Why? Because she was “low-income”. “Since when was that ever a reason to take away a families rights?” “Meantime the courts give abused children to strangers everyday through the foster care system.” More stories about Iowa families are available on this webpage: http://www.usajudicialreform.com/ for more stories.

Iowa families have been through hell over the last twenty years. My best friend has had her children removed and returned three times by the Department of Human Services! Why? Because some social workers (who didn’t even have children of their own) decided that it would be in the “best interest of the children”. Family courts removed my best friends children from their mother and put them with strangers! One of her daughters was only five years old when the family courts placed her in a foster home. While she was in a house of strangers she was sexually abused! Instead of questioning the foster home the police and DHS went after family her members! DHS and the family courts ended up putting this little girl in a “sex offender treatment facility” when she was FIVE YEARS OLD. YES, AFTER SHE WAS ABUSED IN A FOSTER HOME! What kind of agency puts a five-year old little girl in a sex offender treatment facility after she was abused? The kind that doesn’t want to admit their own guilt for putting the child in an unsafe home that they chose! We need reform!

According to Hughes, the Chair of the Child Support Advisory Committee to the Supreme Court of Iowa “The Supreme Court is asking for an increase of $175 million of our tax money to continue running their ineffective dysfunctional court system that systematically destroys families.” Hughes claims that “nearly a billion dollars is circulated through our court system every year.”

“We have judges sleeping at the bench screwing up people’s lives! We’ve even had a judge with a brain tumor ruling on people’s livelihood!” said Hughes. “It’s time to retire bad judges and throw all the lawyers out of elected offices!”

I couldn’t agree more! This race is like the Local Option Sales Tax race in Cedar Rapids (both of them). The other teams have a lot of money to air attack ads but we aren’t asking for your money to run attack ads all we’re asking for is your vote in November. Vote Greg Hughes for Iowa Congress.


Come check out Greg Hughes Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Greg-Hughes-for-Congress/489691757710448

Ben Lange is endorsed by American Future Fund PAC

American Future Fund PAC endorses Ben Lange

For Immediate Release: Tuesday, May 22, 2012
Contact: Mandy Fletcher Fraher (515) 720-5250

American Future Fund PAC is pleased to announce their endorsement of Ben Lange for Iowa’s 1st Congressional District.

A husband, father, businessman and patriot, Ben Lange is the right man at the right time to represent Iowa’s 1st Congressional District. Lange’s common sense commitment to cut federal spending, reduce the deficit and repeal ObamaCare is just what working families of Iowa need. He has built a solid organization and his energy knows no bounds. But it is his family values, solid conservative philosophy and integrity that will truly capture the hearts of Iowa voters.

Two years ago, Ben Lange, challenged Democrat incumbent Bruce Braley. Although considerably outspent, Lange came within only two percentage points of victory. This year, they are running in a newly drawn district, largely stripping Braley of his incumbent advantage. Moreover, Braley has continued to show Iowa voters his true liberal colors and fondness for making empty promises. Despite his liberal anti-job, pro-tax, Pelosi-loving voting record, Braley gushes with politically motivated rhetoric, in hopes that Iowa voters can’t tell the difference. Ben Lange will offer a refreshing contrast this election. Lange is a man of his word and won’t change his mind to follow political winds.

“Ben Lange’s conservative record, experience and strong campaign structure make him the right candidate to go head-to-head with incumbent liberal Bruce Braley in the fall,” stated AFF PAC Founder, Nick Ryan. “AFF PAC is proud to endorse Lange, a candidate Iowans can trust, and we are prepared to go the distance to defend him from attacks to ensure victory.”

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