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Cedar Rapids Headlines 12/17/12

 Are You Dreaming of a White Christmas? You May Get Your Wish!

winterstorm7CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA – Are you hoping for a white Christmas?  Get your shovels ready it just may happen! The KCRG-TV9 First Alert Storm Team is continuing to watch a potential winter storm, which would affect eastern Iowa late Wednesday through Thursday. The precise details are unclear because this system is still a few days away, but there is high confidence in snow, possibly heavy, in our area.

Second New Downtown Cedar Rapids Parking Ramp Coming in 2013

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — The city is moving ahead on plans to build a second new downtown parking ramp, both of which should be in place in 2013.The second ramp, a six-story ramp with 618 parking stalls, will go up in the 600 block of Second-Street SE on city-owned land now used as a surface parking lot. Construction is slated to start in March and be complete in November, according to a city report.

English: Skyline of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, lookin...

English: Skyline of
Cedar Rapids, Iowa, looking northward from the 8th Avenue bridge.
Photographed by User:Iowahwyman on June 17, 2007. (Photo credit:

The City-Council this week will approve the plans for the ramp, which is estimated to cost $9.4 million to construct, according to the city report.

The city currently is building a new six-story, 460-stall ramp across First Avenue East from the city-owned convention complex and hotel. The First Avenue East parking ramp is costing $12.28 million and is expected to be complete next summer.

The city says parking revenue from users of the two ramps will pay off revenue bonds sold to finance the construction.

Serving Double Duty: Five Fire Chiefs on One Department

In a community with more than 40 unsolved fires we have Five Fire Chiefs on One Department!

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – A fire department typically has one fire chief, but the Cedar Rapids Fire Department has a handful.Fire chiefs from across Eastern Iowa are finding themselves working on the same team. They are pulling double duty by working for both Cedar Rapids and their hometown volunteer fire departments.

Fire officials said at least 35 Cedar Rapids firefighters are members of a volunteer fire department in the area. For many, it’s the place they first discovered their love of fighting fires and took that step towards making it a career.

Gas Explosion Sissonville, West Virginia Secondary Explosion Possible

Sargent Michael Baylous, State Police, (recorded in the video below) said “Columbia Gas is in the process of shutting down a line that exploded this afternoon. Sargent Baylous got a call at around 1:00 pm this afternoon about a gas explosion. “This is a very delicate process that has to be done the right way or there could be another explosion” said Sargent Baylous, “anyone in the area should try to evacuate “just in case” he warned.

Homes in Sissonville, West Virginia have been leveled and all lanes of Interstate 77 have been shut down.

The Flood Zone ~ Up in Smoke

What is going on with all the arson’s in Cedar Rapids? The recent abandoned Tree Service arson marks Some argue it’s kids but I am beginning to wonder if it isn’t the officials themselves!

One building wasn’t set on fire once but twice and officials have no suspects! Perhaps they have too many people to look through since so many complaints have been filed about the building. The Local media closed the comments on this story so we can only speculate. http://www.kcrg.com/news/local/Cedar-Rapids-Fire-Crews-Battle-Structure-Fire-160160635.html Perhaps it’s because this fire would expose the disparity between flood affected homeowners versus flood affected commercial properties.

Citizens with information about this fire are encouraged to call the Arson Hotline at telephone number: (800) 532-1459 or the Cedar Rapids Fire Department at (319) 286-5200. Citizens that supply information that helps resolve suspected arson cases may be eligible for financial reward.

This building has been falling apart across from the Public Works building for years. There have been several official complaints lodged with the city. If the city had been as aggressive with the owner of this business, Adair Holdings, as they are with the citizens of Cedar Rapids about cutting their grass or replacing a window this fire might not have happened, twice.

I think the Assessor needs to update the photo for this property.

I have complained about this structure for years and so it was no surprise to me to hear that the building was set on fire twice. I went to the scene and talked with some of the neighbors. Here is my video from that:

The bottom line is there are families who live in nearby homes that are impacted by these fires so the arson’s must stop!