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Why do we have such terrible representatives in office?

Could it be because there are people in the media who picks and chooses who gets covered?

One writer told congressional candidate, Greg Hughes, that he’d give him a call on “Monday or Tuesday” it is now Wednesday and no call!

This isn’t just a local problem. This is happening in every city across the country. Good candidates are ignored while bad candidates continue to run our country into the ground. Instead of voting blindly based on television ads- study your candidates!

Take Back Iowa Tour

Press Release
May 9, 2012
Contact: Jonathan R. Narcisse
Ph: 515-770 – 1218
Email: Jon_Narcisse@yahoo.com
Face Book: Jonathan R. Narcisse

On Saturday , May 12, 2012, the “Take Back Iowa Tour” will be in Linn County (Cedar Rapids) at 10:00 a.m. at the Historic Matyk Building located at 1029 -3rd Street SE in Cedar Rapids.

The “ Take Back Iowa Tour” was launched o n April 27th with former gubernatorial candidate Jonathan Narcisse appearing on the Jan Mickelson Show (: http://mickelson.libsyn.com/ . ) on WHO 1040 AM in Des Moines before making stops that weekend in Jefferson County , Keokuk County , and Mahaska County. Narcisse was also on Devine Intervention hosted by Michael Devine on AM 1400 KVFD in Fort Dodge.

Take Back Iowa Tour Objectives

The “Take Back Iowa Tour” concludes year three of the six year “An Iowa Worth Fighting For” campaign launched in August of 2009 and will hold meetings in all 99 counties.

The “Tour” has three main objectives:

1. Introduce a 2013 – 14 Legislative Package focused on core fiscal, structural and accountability concerns;

2. Recruit and name “Take Back Iowa” chairs in all 99 counties and, train and develop leadership squads in each county, and, where possible, the precinct level;

3. Recruit and support candidates for 2013 non-partisan elected office; recruit and support individuals willing to serve on local boards and commissions; and, recruit and train Iowans willing to seek various leadership positions emerging from participation in the 2014 Republican Caucus and the 2014 Democratic Caucus.

“In August 2009 we introduced An Iowa Worth Fighting For” as the first step in a six year phase I plan. This 21st Century Governance Agenda was well met and received outstanding bi -partisan support,” stated the agenda’s author Jonathan R. Narcisse, who was completing his term on the Des Moines School Board.

“The next step was to establish support in a ll 99 counties. If we are going to take back our state
it must happen at the grassroots level. Iowans are an amazing people. They will do the right
things to fix our state if leadership asks it of them. But leadership hasn’t, unfortunately. Instead leaders of both parties have been more focused on meeting the demands of their contributors and enriching their cronies than fixing Iowa,” stated Narcisse.

“To build support in all 99 counties I ran for governor. I didn’t win but that’s okay. I didn’t expect to. Our main objective was accomplished – we received support in all 99 counties and 97% of Iowa’s precincts – 1720 out of 1774. That’s very, very encouraging,” stated Narcisse. “Now it is time for us to build upon that success and create organizations at the county level and identify county, ward and precinct leadership committed to taking back our state. Since the April 27th launch we’ve identified chairs for 19 counties and hope to secure leaders for more counties on Saturday ” stated Narcisse.

“It is no longer enough to be frustrated. We need solutions. We need a plan. And we have both. This is very exciting. We didn’t get into th is mess overnight and we won’t get out of it overnight but having met Iowans in all 99 counties I know we’re going to get this done both for our state and our childr en’s sake,” concluded Narcisse.