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The Fiscal Cliff and the Rising Cost of Milk

079 Capitol Hill United States Congress 1993

079 Capitol Hill United States Congress 1993 (Photo credit: David Holt London)

ABC News has been going on and on about  the so-called “fiscal cliff” we’re about to go over,  but many of us already know that we’ve done gone over that cliff and we’re about to hit rock bottom.
“It may be too late for a deal” says ABC News.  “Doubling the price of milk may push us over the ‘dairy cliff'” they claim.
An average gallon of milk cost about $3.50 to $3.99 and  if lawmakers can’t come up with a solution by January 1, 2013 we may have to pay twice that because the government will no longer give dairy farmers subsidies which will in turn force farmers to raise the price of milk!
Maybe the government should stop paying farmers to not to farm their land
If these so-called “leaders” cannot come up with a solution or at least a reasonable compromise by the “deadline” then they should all lose their pay for being incompetent!
In fact, we should start fixing our economy by cutting lawmakers pay first!  They are all overpaid and none of them deserve the money they’re receiving.   Lawmakers have been playing these political games that affect each and every one of our lives for far too long and we pay them way too much money to do it!  If we took away the lawmakers’ pay/benefits then maybe American’s wouldn’t have to pay so much more in taxes and perhaps we can put an end to these abusive threats year after year.
Competent lawmakers would demand that the spending for these unconstitutional wars end before cutting into social programs that help people in the United States.   We cannot afford the empire building that the United States has been involved in for more than ten years  and most of us are sick of paying for these unconstitutional wars.
I am sick and tired of hearing lawmakers call  Social Security an entitlement program when it is our money! It is a tax that we have literally been forced to pay year after year without any kind of representation!  This money is taken from us and then spent by our governmentDid you know that Social Security money is used to pay for services like foster care?  
Who are these lawmakers hurting the most by playing their partisan games?  The poor and middle class– the people  who are already hurting! They are hurting seniors who worked their entire lives paying into a program that is supposed to help them when they got too old to work!
It’s time for our lawmakers to get real when it comes to taking our money.  Instead of cutting social programs that help  people here in the states it is time lawmakers cutting the spending for the unconstitutional wars our country is involved in and their own pay because they have proven that they are incompetent!

My Opinion on the Louisiana Sinkhole and Texas Brine’s Public Relations Skills

Since I am apparently locked out of my Facebook account I have a little extra time to do a blog about an environmental catastrophe that isn’t being discussed in the mainstream media across the nation that both fascinates me and frightens me at the same time. The Louisiana Sinkhole is located in the Bayou Corne in Assumption Parish in the State of Louisiana. I hope I said that right. Some people don’t think a little sinkhole in Louisiana will impact us here in Iowa but there is a lot of speculation on the internet that this sinkhole could impact people across the entire country because it sits near the New Madrid Fault Line.

Louisiana Sinkhole

Louisiana Sinkhole

There was a salt dome damaged by Texas Brine and when the repercussions began to become apparent the company issued a mandatory evacuation that wasn’t enforced. There are still a lot of people living right next to this unpredictable bubbling gas stew!
Anyway, I read today that the school buses won’t even travel over there to pick up the children who live in the area and then listened to a video on how the air smells like roadkill. That is not a good sign if you ask me.
Those kids should have good clean air to breath and Texas Brine should be doing all they can to help people get out of danger! If the air smells like death and the animals are moving then there is something wrong.
Several meetings have been held for the residents but the meetings are long and hard to sit through but I’ve managed to sit through quite a few of them posted by rainbeaulous and assumptionla on Youtube. I have no real interest in videos that are speculative of the situation but do appreciate people who are doing what they can to bring awareness.
My question is what will Texas Brine do? There was an older gentleman who mentioned he built his house by hand. I suggest Texas Brine get on helping relocating that house along with the rest of the community to a new but similar location. Seems to me that this could become a real PR nightmare for Texas Brine if anything, God forbid, anything happens to the people in this community.

To the people in this community, if you even read this, Merry Christmas I hope you have solutions by the New Year.