Lindale Mall Brawl

Cedar Rapids, Iowa March 2, 2014

Dave Franzman is looking for people to talk to about this call him at 319-551-6085
Jennifer Greif said: “I work at the mall. I hope you realize how childish it is to fight in front of innocent people. The guy from Panda Express ended up in the hospital due to their stupidity. Get the fuck out of the mall and go back to Chicago.”

ErBear said:  Are you kidding me? REALLY??? My father has worked at this mall for about 14 years. Never, and I do mean NEVER have I ever seen such stupidity and immaturity happen at Lindale, and I spent a large portion of my time there when I was younger. Everyone who was involved in this should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. Malls aren’t places to go screw around and start trouble in.”

davidwr99 said:Bunch of ignorant punks fighting and hurting innocent bystanders. They need to be locked up until they can act civilized.”

lindale brawl

I don’t know what this fight was over but I think it sucks that innocent bystanders were hurt during this altercation.  There were chairs flying all over the place! I don’t blame people from one place for all the troubles we have here in Cedar Rapids.   Not all the people who live in Cedar Rapids that make trouble are from Chicago. Some of them are from Indiana, California, Louisiana, and yes, some of them are from here.

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15 responses to “Lindale Mall Brawl

  • Sickened

    It sickens and pains me that you- the people who seem to be so concerned about those causing violence- lump individuals into “ghetto”, “thugs” or “hood” because of where they’re from. Do you know these KIDS? Do you know their story? Do you know what has happened to them to make them this way? They have obviously been born and bred into an environment bubbling over with violence and hatred. And though you weren’t the ones throwing chairs, you obviously have NO QUALMS about perpetuating the hatred, stereotypes and negativity that these kids are growing to thrive in. These CHILDREN need help. Support. Guidance. Love. These CHILDREN don’t need your judgment. Stereotypes. Labels. Your assumptions that they absolutely must be from Chicago or elsewhere are both ignorant and naive. Hatred brews in Cedar Rapids just as it does elsewhere, and you are certainly doing nothing to absolve the issue.

    I spent 18 years growing up in Cedar Rapids, naive and ignorant as well. It took a giant leap of faith to move to Chicago to attend college, but it has proven to be the best decision I’ve ever made. There are children begging for love and support all over the country. Their origins are inconsequential. Help them. Broaden your horizons. Stop perpetuating the judgmental hatred that fuels these children. I’m sickened by your disdain of those you don’t know.

  • My name

    I personally feel like it was a bitch move to jump the guy. Those weren’t thugs they were pussies. I was raised by thugs and grew up with thugs. We are about our money and we aren’t afraid to fight one on one. So stop glorifying these pussies because they aren’t thugs. Thugs don’t do shit that sloppy. O and let me reiterate, Chicago has thugs here getting money but it’s the punks who come from the place to make a name for themselves because they didn’t have a name or rep back in Chicago. So in all logic I broke it down for you.

    Have a blessed day

  • Cornelius

    Hi, oh, hello? Yes, well, I was at the food court there and I had sat down to eat a piping hot plate of Honey Walnut Shrimp from the Panda Express. I was just digging into my side order of Kin Korn Karn when people started to rain blows upon each other with the chairs. Oh, they were beating each other unmerciful. As their friends fired verbal fisticuffs at them, I feared for my safety and the safety of the others, including employees of the food court. And what ever happened to Mean Gene Burgers?

  • Nolita

    End of discussion there is a time and place for everything and Lindale Mall is not the place.It is a place where families go with their children or friends meet up with their friends to have fun shopping and looking at the new styles. I lived in CR my whole life and I never have heard of such immature bullshit kids these days need to grow up and learn what life is really about. THIS WAS BULLSHIT! And FYI there were blacks and whites involved in this altercation so lets not make it about RACE!

  • Melissa Miller

    You know if u heard about this brawl u could of already guess thet were black punks. Yeah im gunna say “niggs” cuz thats what they are. I dont gave a problem with race. But I do have a problem with black people doing thug like shit in a middwest mall. Like wtf we live near cow shit. Stupid fucks.

  • Dylan

    Uh first of all jennifer grief, why you thinkin every black person is ghetto and from chicago think again think before you comment on shit.

  • David Wilson

    As someone who grew up in Cedar Rapids and live in Chicago this is shocking. However, how do you know these individuals are from Chicago? You cannot lump all of Chicago into a category of people like this too. Cedar Rapids has all the same problems and good points of any city. Sad to see such stereotyping from my hometown.

  • clark.

    The only thing that pisses me off more than this video are the idiots blaming all that they are black? Don’t you think it’s a bit extreme blaming there race. Like yes it’s fucked up that they did this. But do you know the back story. I highly doubt that you do. And get mad at me for defending them. But think about it. If it was all white people going against one black person. People would start saying “oh well we can’t blame them. Their anger took over. He must if done something super bad.” But it’s black guys and you call them pussies one you need to not because they aren’t. Just for walking in that mf mall proves they aren’t pussies considering that almost all of them were ban for life before the altercation.? And then 4 of them knowing that they could go to jail. And they still went in a did this. Did you ever think that maybe other than the bystanders the people they were actually going after did something really bad that most of them were extremely hurt by. Stfu talking about all this because of there race. Picture it if they were white. Bye.

  • May

    Tell those Chicago thuds to come to Mississippi they don’t care about crime here we have a lot of thuds

  • Wayne Skillin

    if you ask me..ppl from chicago need to stay in chicago and fight there. they are all nothing but a bunch of cowards and pussies that come here and think they have to fight in a mall of innocent ppl…AND IF YOU GOTTA USE CHAIRS AND HIGH CHAIRS TO FIGHT THEN YOU ARE A STRAIGHT UP PUSSY AND YOU CANT FIGHT TO BEGIN WITH!!!!! I MEAN CMON NOW THIS IS FUCKING STUPID

  • Craig Augustine

    Coming to the aid of a third party is allowed under Iowa law. Chairs are a deadly weapon…. Just saying. Next time someone might come to aid and it won’t be with a chair. If a cop was being attacked by a chair yielding perp…. what would be the result? A third party has the same right. Just saying.

  • Aaron (@GeekAaron)

    I saw a friend post a different link to this video on his Facebook page. Did this just happen recently?

  • vantrekker01VT

    Cedar Rapids needs to change its name to the City of Five Gangs… I cannot wait to move out of this ghetto dump and toward the north where law enforcement is not afraid of these lawless little punks…

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