Cedar Rapids Headlines 12/21/12

‘Astonishing’ Lights Reported In Sky Over Cedar Rapids

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — Eastern Iowa’s blizzard conditions are making for hazardous travel — and maybe even for unknown objects in the sky. A resident on Cedar Rapids’ east side reported alternating blue and green lights lighting “the entire horizon” early Thursday, according to Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center in Harrington, Wash.

ufpDescription: Awakened by loud hum. Hum lasted about 5 seconds. Hum immediately followed by a blue light which lit the entire horizon this light then immediately followed by a green light which also lit the entire horizon. Lights were NOT a flash radiating outward but were almost like enormous bars of light (horizon to horizon) radiating upward toward the heavens. This process was repeated at least 5 times and, we believe more as we heard it and could see our room lit from without before rising to look out the window – we personally witnessed at least 5 cycles.

Cedar Rapids police logs don’t list any calls reporting a UFO sighting this morning. Davenport invited anyone who may have seen the incident to call his group’s hotline: 206-722-3000.

The witness’ initial report:

Date: 12/20/12

Time: 3:15

Duration: 20 minutes

Sighting City: Cedar Rapids

Sighting State: ia

Sighting Zip: 52403

Sighting County: Linn

Witnesses: 2

Shape: Light

Description: Astonishing Sound and Changing Lights Seen North Of Cedar rapids, Iowa on December 20th 3:15 A.M.

With this kind of timeline I am wondering where the video documentation is! Does anyone have any video?

Blowing Snow Keeps Cedar Rapids Road Crews Busy

English: Skyline of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, lookin...

English: Skyline of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, looking northward from the 8th Avenue bridge. Photographed by User:Iowahwyman on June 17, 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa – Nearly all of the city’s residential streets will have been plowed and most arterials plowed anew by the time you get up on Friday morning. Even so, expect to see some snow on streets from blowing snow, says Craig Hanson, the city’s public works maintenance manager. The city had to close down 76th Avenue SW on Thursday when winds of 35 to 40 miles created a white-out condition. Late Thursday afternoon, Hanson reported that the city took on between 6 and 9 inches of snow, with the north side of the city getting more than the south side, though some of the worst drifting was on the south side, particularly on 76th Avenue SW and Wright Brothers Boulevard SW.

Among the assignments for city crews today, he added, is the cleanup 23 miles of city sidewalk.

Be patient and drive safe!

Lost and Stolen plates according to police is up 10 percent compared to this time last year

Drifting and blowing snow made unusual snow fo...

Drifting and blowing snow made unusual snow formations (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) — Thousands of cars travel Cedar Rapids roads everyday and Cedar Rapids Police say those cars are a hot item for thieves. “It happens all year long and a lot of time we’ve seen them more lately,” says Sgt. Cristy Hamblin. Police records show so far in 2012, roughly 200 vehicles have been reported stolen. The holiday season is prime time for a car thief and police want to make sure you don’t fall victim.

Lock your car when you’re not in it and never leave it running with the keys in it!

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