The Flood Zone ~ Up in Smoke

What is going on with all the arson’s in Cedar Rapids? The recent abandoned Tree Service arson marks Some argue it’s kids but I am beginning to wonder if it isn’t the officials themselves!

One building wasn’t set on fire once but twice and officials have no suspects! Perhaps they have too many people to look through since so many complaints have been filed about the building. The Local media closed the comments on this story so we can only speculate. Perhaps it’s because this fire would expose the disparity between flood affected homeowners versus flood affected commercial properties.

Citizens with information about this fire are encouraged to call the Arson Hotline at telephone number: (800) 532-1459 or the Cedar Rapids Fire Department at (319) 286-5200. Citizens that supply information that helps resolve suspected arson cases may be eligible for financial reward.

This building has been falling apart across from the Public Works building for years. There have been several official complaints lodged with the city. If the city had been as aggressive with the owner of this business, Adair Holdings, as they are with the citizens of Cedar Rapids about cutting their grass or replacing a window this fire might not have happened, twice.

I think the Assessor needs to update the photo for this property.

I have complained about this structure for years and so it was no surprise to me to hear that the building was set on fire twice. I went to the scene and talked with some of the neighbors. Here is my video from that:

The bottom line is there are families who live in nearby homes that are impacted by these fires so the arson’s must stop!


About Ajai Dittmar

There is nothing 'radical' about wanting to save your historical neighborhood! There is nothing 'negative' for wanting an 'outside investigation' done a public service that has had a lot of embarrassing news, especially when they don't do their jobs! There is nothing 'odd' about wanting politicians to uphold the Constitution they swear to uphold when they are sworn into office! Follow @sibzianna View all posts by Ajai Dittmar

3 responses to “The Flood Zone ~ Up in Smoke

  • Craig Augustine

    The local media………. ROTFLMAO. ( SourceMedia) Is an embarrassment to the City, Iowa and other competent news reporting entities nation wide.

    Our Mayor pisses and moans to their editorial staff….( for more than an hour) and ” POOF” many LOSST tax vote opponents were banned from commenting on their sites.

    The courage SourceMedia showed concerning this …. was pathetic and very telling of them as a media outlet.

    I am always in doubt of receiving accurate and FACTUAL information from SourceMedia. Thats not a reputation I would want if CEO of SourceMedia.

    But to each his own.

    • Ajai Dittmar

      Well no one was allowed to comment on this story because they know that the Arsonist would be praised for his “community service”.

      • Craig Augustine

        It seems that any story that would open up any criticism of Cities priorities gets the no comments allowed tag.

        It’s to bad CR couldn’t get Ragbrai to stop every year…….. The streets would all be fixed in a few years.

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