Take Back Iowa Tour

Take Back Iowa Tour
Opening Weekend Summary
April 27th – April 28th

Take Back Iowa Tour Overview
The “Take Back Iowa Tour” concludes year three of the six year “An Iowa Worth Fighting For” campaign launched in August of 2009 and will hold meetings in all 99 counties.
The “Tour” has three main objectives:
1. Introduce a 2013-14 Legislative Package focused on core fiscal, structural and accountability concerns;
2. Recruit and name “Take Back Iowa” chairs in all 99 counties and, train and develop leadership squads in each county, and, where possible, the precinct level;
3. Recruit and support candidates for 2013 non-partisan elected office; recruit and support individuals willing to serve on local boards and commissions; and, recruit and train Iowans willing to seek various leadership positions emerging from participation in the 2014 Republican Caucus and the 2014 Democratic Caucus.

Devine Intervention
The Take Back Iowa Tour got off to a very successful start the morning of the 27th of April with a pre-launch interview on “Devine Intervention” hosted by Michael Devine on AM 1400 KVFD — The Voice of Fort Dodge. The show airs M-F 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and covers a radius of several counties in that key region of the state.
An Iowa Worth Fighting For, in its infancy, was helped a great deal by Michael’s show in that part of the state. For a number of weeks he allowed us to do weekly interviews as we explored the many key areas of governance in the campaign.
Michael plans to continue our discussion this week as we go deeper into the plan and priorities of the Take Back Iowa Tour campaign.
For our key steps goto: AnIowaWorthFightingFor.com.

Mickelson in the Morning
The formal announcing of the Tour took place on Mickelson in the Morning hosted by Jan Mickelson on WHO 1040 AM. The show airs M-F 9 am. To 11:30 am and covers most of Iowa and beyond.
An Iowa Worth Fighting For was originally launched on Jan’s show at the State Fair in 2009 and was key in opening doors for us that Labor Day weekend as we began the first of our three subsequent 99 county tours.
Once again the reach of Mickelson in the Morning would prove key to opening doors for our efforts. Not only did we get feedback throughout the state following the Tour’s launch but an elected official from Central Iowa heard the show while returning from Carroll, Iowa and made the decision to attend our first session in Fairfield, approximately two hours from his home town.
To download the podcast goto: http://mickelson.libsyn.com/. Our segment starts at the 24:08 mark of the podcast. Also, if you click on my name on Jan’s page, it will take you to AnIowaWorthFightingFor.com.

Caffeinated Thoughts
Following Mickelson in the Morning I met with the founder and publisher of CaffeinatedThoughts.com Shane Vander Hart for an extensive interview at Smokey Row in Des Moines. Shane has been fantastic in both publicizing our upcoming announcements and covering our efforts, especially An Iowa Worth Fighting For.
The interview lasted approximately 90 minutes. While we explored the Take Back Iowa Tour priorities in general a major portion of the interview focused on solutions to Iowa’s Education woes.
Shane stated he plans to explore our other priorities in detail soon.

Jefferson County
The top priority of the Take Back Iowa Tour is to identify point persons in all 99 counties.
In year one we were able to expose Iowans in All 99 counties to An Iowa Worth Fighting For and received a very warm reception. We followed that up with the gubernatorial campaign that confirmed our ability to reach Iowans in not only every county but 1720 of Iowa’s 1774 precincts.
Now it is time for us to build a statewide, county by county, impact organization and that begins with actually having an active point person in each county to orchestrate behind the scenes for us and lay the path for our “Systematic Incursion” into cities, townships and education districts in all 99 counties.
The original opening schedule was much more extensive but it was scaled back significantly when the legislature failed to conclude its business as planned on April 17th.
Still, we received good exposure from local media in the three counties we were visiting Friday and Saturday – Jefferson (Fairfield), Keokuk (Sigourney) and Mahaska (Oskaloosa). Local radio in Jefferson and Mahaska promoted the stops and the Oskaloosa Herald published a really nice and very detailed story that started on page one of the paper’s main section and concluded on page three.
By the end of the day we had secured point contacts in six counties and had a very productive session in Fairfield at the Revelations Café and Book Store due to a surprise visit from a Central Iowa County Supervisor who made the four hour round trip to participate.
He stated what made him attend was the statement I made on Mickelson asking why we need four hundred education bureaucracies in Iowa each cutting checks and such when Wal-Mart with a
workforce the size of the population of Iowa can pay workers across the world from one place in the universe – Bentonville, Arkansas.
He said he said “Amen” and decided to join us Friday night. He added a great deal to the conversation.

Keokuk County
The next day we made contact with one of our key campaign leaders. He proved instrumental in a number of our efforts from advancing An Iowa Worth Fighting For to securing our booth at the State Fair last year.
His commitment to our new campaign proved no less enthusiastic than his past contributions. He’s not only emerged as a valuable county contact but he’s already started identifying potential candidates for local office and his reach goes beyond his county to several communities in the region.
While the purpose of this trip is not to discuss the problems with our state but how to fix them and specific action steps to fix them we finally broke out the white board to address some key concerns we’ve addressed in our overall efforts.

Mahaska County
Our final stop was in Mahaska County.
We were very pleased to see representatives from both the Oskaloosa Herald and the OskyNews.com at the session. I had a chance to discuss in detail with them the overall goals and objectives of the Tour as well as our past success in Mahaska County.
After that we met with one of our most passionate supporters and a well respected leader both in the community and partisan politics in Mahaska County, and regional politics. After the media representatives left we had an extensive planning session.
We also picked up a point person for two more counties before the day’s end bringing the total to nine.

Next Steps
This past weekend really helped knock some of the rust off. The next week or two we will fine tune the presentation as well as prepare a video to help promote our Take Back Iowa Tour.
If you have questions, comments or would like to be considered for leadership in your county contact me at 515-770-1218, jon_narcisse@yahoo.com or send a private message through Facebook.


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