Story Time with Ajai

In 2008 a rainbow appeared over city hall. We were inundated invaded by leprechauns from FEMA who came and saw. With them they brought a pot of gold. They warned the city folk that it was not to be sold. When they handed over the gold they left a list of rules. The agency of the FEMA leprechauns warned it will not be fools. They told the city that it could not be made whole that if it tried that we would all pay the toll.

The eyes of those in power went black as if they knew not what to do they ignored the leprechauns and treated them like a tool. They used the money like an obsession-they used as much as they could to claim our possessions. They spent and spent until they could spend no more. They spent on downtown and they spent on downtown galore. They wanted to make it better, better than before.

They lobbied and lobbied for this money you see they lobbied from the State and the nation’s Capitol; Washington DC. It is no secret-they made it clear-they want our money; even if it makes us blear.

Why has our city not recovered where did all the money go? It is no wonder there is a push for another tax extension vote and why the mayor is so gun ho. Just how far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

We did it again, we took them down just the other night we defeated the tax extension again not once but twice. First time it was for twenty years and then it was for ten for the second time in one year we voted down the “Preferred Scam”. We said no and no we meant what we said. We told you that we do not like the “Preferred Scam”.

The day after we won our mayor was gone he was nowhere in sight. He went off to Des Moines where he preceded his plight. His own people voted him down he wants more money more money for our town.

The sun shined bright it was too bright to play the sun shined so bright they called it a solar ray so it’s time to go down the rabbit hole into the dark to go play. My head hurts to bad to be in the sun anyway.


About Ajai Dittmar

There is nothing 'radical' about wanting to save your historical neighborhood! There is nothing 'negative' for wanting an 'outside investigation' done a public service that has had a lot of embarrassing news, especially when they don't do their jobs! There is nothing 'odd' about wanting politicians to uphold the Constitution they swear to uphold when they are sworn into office! Follow @sibzianna View all posts by Ajai Dittmar

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