Maine Election Fraud is Just One Part of the Mainstream Media Melodrama

Do you take part in the presidential caucuses or primaries? What would you do if you were one of the few people who did take part in the process and you learned that your entire county was being excluded from the last count? Would you be outraged? I know I would! I have never seen such a crazy election year and I have followed presidential elections for more than twenty years.

Click on these words for more information about the Maine Caucus

Maine is an important state for the Ron Paul campaign and the cause of liberty because of the Maine GOP and the mixed up maps on the internet we might finally be able to prove, once and for all, that the presidential election is decided before we ever vote!

First of all the Maine Caucus results were posted on the internet before all the votes were turned in! Refer to my recent post on Maine Map Mishap

Then whole counties were purposely excluded from the final results! The Maine GOP cancelled the Washington County caucus based on some false prediction of snow! This is ridiculous! This mainstream media ploy is only further proof, to me, that they cannot be trusted

Why would the mainstream media lie about something so huge? Likely because they have done it for so long they don’t think anyone cares enough to pay attention. Well, not all of us are mainstream media sheeple.

Sign this petition and share it on social network sites to have others sign it as well!

Stop allowing the mainstream media from picking our presidents! Let them know that our personal liberties mean more to us than their ratings! Stand up for Maine and tell the Maine GOP to count all the votes! I will likely never trust the mainstream media again after hearing how unimportant Iowa’s results over and over and over.


About Ajai Dittmar

There is nothing 'radical' about wanting to save your historical neighborhood! There is nothing 'negative' for wanting an 'outside investigation' done a public service that has had a lot of embarrassing news, especially when they don't do their jobs! There is nothing 'odd' about wanting politicians to uphold the Constitution they swear to uphold when they are sworn into office! Follow @sibzianna View all posts by Ajai Dittmar

3 responses to “Maine Election Fraud is Just One Part of the Mainstream Media Melodrama

  • Working Guy

    I would hardly consider google to be mainstream media. Additionally, the Maine caucus takes place over the course of a week. It is possible that those were the results at that point in time or that someone was testing the website and accidentally posted bogus data. In terms of one county’s caucus being cancelled, I would agree that this is unfortunate. However, this is not the doing of the “mainstream media”. Rather, if that was what actually occurred, it was the decision of Maine’s state Republican party.
    The entire caucus process has shown itself to be sloppy and rife with error. That was true in both Iowa and Maine. Change does need to occur. Most major media outlets did cover this.

    That said, it is not the mainstream media who is guilty of manipulating the process or allowing the process to be full of errors. That is an issue to take up with the Republican Party. Moreover, in Maine, the straw poll does not determine delegate counts.

    What decides elections remains strategy. A campaigner who runs an efficient campaign, takes steps necessary to keep his/her message in the news, picks where and when to base his/her resources, and whose ideas appeal to voters still ultimately ends up winning the election. When the winner isn’t clear or the results are contested, (i.e. 2004), it is largely because the candidates involved ran flawed campaigns. Momentum is also essential, because money dries up without it.

    Iowa’s caucus process is deemed to be less important because the state has a history of selecting candidates who don’t do well moving forward, (Obama in 2008 was the exception rather than the rule). Additionally, a caucus is different than a primary. Santorum and Paul are better organized for such events than Romney.

    There are issues in the nomination process, but these are issues that the political parties need to take on. Blaming the mainstream media is little more than looking for a scapegoat.

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