Here is a brief chart of the flow of disaster recovery money and the people in control

Here is a brief chart of the flow of disaster recovery money and the people in control

One billion dollars of public city, state federal money is being spent in post disaster Cedar Rapids. As taxpayers and citizens, these funds belong to the 99%


City of Cedar Rapids Mayor Corbett (Paid Management CRST freight company

Affordable Housing Network/Four Oaks

(private “Third Party Administrator” hired by City of Cedar Rapids to manage millions in disaster relief funds)

a. Jim Ernst C.E.O.
b. Liz Mathis “PR” director (control of public information about Four Oaks/Affordable Housing Network) Former KWWL and KCRG anchor (Iowa Senate dist 18 candidate)
c. Mark Mathis, Liz Mathis spouse, “Board of Advisors” Four Oaks/Affordable Housing Network Former KWWL manager
d. Scott Olson Four Oaks Board of Directors (Skogman Realty, present candidate for Cedar Rapids City Council)
Scott Olsen founded OPN architects that was hired to “design” the $176,000 per unit “rehab” of the subsidized/low income Brown Apartments
e. Kraig Paulsen Four Oaks Board of Directors (R) Iowa Speaker of the House, paid corporate attorney for CRST
f. Former City CR City Councilman Jerry Mc Grane, Four Oaks- Affordable Housing Network Board
(while in office received “triple subsidy” on his new home; a. down payment assistance from Four Oaks-Affordable Housing Network, free lot from city gov,
“builders” subsidy from Skogman Builders (Scott Olsen’s employer) Scott Olsen is now a city council candidate
9. Emily Meyer, AHNI/Four Oaks Board member, Real Estate Developer for Ryan Company, General Contractor for the $176,000 per unit “rehab” of the Brown Apartments. Ryan Company is the most active contractor in political patronage building projects flowing out of Governor Culver’s 3/4 Billion Dollar “I-Jobs” fund. ($140 million of I jobs funding is taking place in Cedar Rapids on “pet projects” for the City and Chamber of Commerce.

g. Senator Jack Hatch of Des Moines -paid consultant for tax shelter strategy and public funding for “The Brown Apartments” -the Four Oaks project that was funded with
City, State, and Federal funds that paid $176,000 per unit to rehab apartments in an existing structurally sound building.

Hatch then organized local, state and federal funding for “post flood” housing that paid $190,000 per unit $19,000 million) for Hatch Development Oakhill Brickstone Project)
10. Former City Council Member Dale Todd hired by Hatch to “make things work with the City Government” for Hatch Development. Some private “tax sheltered” funds are used
for the Oakhill Brickstones, however major amounts of Federal, City and State public funds are included in the financing. State funds for “Brown Apartments” Brickstones flowed through State Of Iowa “Iowa Finance Authority” (Joe O’Hearn Exectutive Director) O’Hearn has now been hired as the Lead Manager for Flood Recovery funds in Cedar Rapids City Government. Even though major public funding is used, Hatch Development, Senator Jack Hatch, is the private developer/owner)

CRST former President/primary owner John Smith donated $1 million dollars for Jim Ernst/Four Oaks-Affordable Housing Network to launch the flood recovery housing initiative “Block by Block”. Block by Block then recieved $7 million dollars of mostly public tax funds (some private foundation money also from the Cedar Rapids Community Foundation.) Clint Twedt Ball and Courtney Ball, husband and brother in law of Cedar Rapids Community Foundation acting Presdident Karla Twedt Ball were then hired to manage Block by Block. The City Government has now given away scores of lots and houses to Block by Block for $1 each. Skogman Realty, operated by City Council Candidate Scott Olsen’s boss Kyle Skogman also has had flooded lots and houses purchased with public city funds given to Skogman Realty for $1 each.

Jim Ernst/Four Oaks and Kyle Skogman have now formed a new entity for “Rent to Own” housing.

The circle of control is held by a very tight group. Anyone that challenges their “entitlement” is derided and attacked as you observed on the air when former City Council member Dale Todd of Hatch Development called in to the radio show. Dale Todd attacked us as “Black Helicopter watchers. Dale Todd told an outright lie on the air when he stated that Senator Jack Hatch “gave Michael Richards two houses for $1.” To make the real estate transfer legal, Richards paid the $1. The actual facts are that Hatch was ready to pay to demolish these two homes to clear the lots for his Oakhill Brickstone subsidized housing. The post flood cost of demolition is $15,000 to $30,000 each. $30,000 to $60,000 total) Hatch paid Michael Richards $5 thousand each to move them, saving Senator Hatch $20 thousand to $50,000 in projected demolition costs. Richards has since invested $100,000 in his private money to rehab these flooded houses.


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