Follow up from a radio program listener

Greetings, Gazette Editorial Board and KCRG TV-9:

No sooner did we learn about Four Oaks than there comes a son of Four Oaks—the Four Oaks Foundation. Both are loaded with millions—as you will see if you scroll to the right. Their total assets and reported incomes equal $79,969,653.00. Liz Mathis was an insider (PR Director no less) with the most insidious power. She was the paid spokesperson who covered up Four Oaks ‘downtowner’ operations by sending complainers packing—as she did with Cedar Rapids residents who appeared on Monday’s Mickelson in the Morning Program, on WHO Radio’s News Maker Line. Here is the Four Oaks data, found on the IRS website.

E. I. N.


In Care of Name




Zip Code

Asset Amount

Income Amount

















We have to recognize Four Oaks for picking smooth talking Liz Mathis, an ex KCRG TV-9 News Anchor, as PR Director to speak and cover for the organization.

Legitimate non-profits don’t need such a professional smoothie to cover for them—so why did Four Oaks? How much was she paid? What does she have to hide?

What more do Cedar Rapids residents Michael Richards and Frank King have to say about Liz Mathis, the flood scandal, and its cover-up in Cedar Rapids? They ran out of time before finishing on the Mickelson In the Morning Program—which can be heard by clicking here mickelson-2011-10-24.mp3 . They are now working on the flowchart showing the evil flood money trail, and how it went through Four Oaks. Iowalive is working on an analysis as well.

For starters, the Gazette and other C. R. media can, and should, redeem themselves a bit by strongly advocating for use of the $79,969,653.00 Four Square assets for west side flood protection! This amount coupled with 1.5% of the total C. R. city budget *wasted per year, for 20 years (such as 1.5% of 2010 spending by Cedar Rapids City = .015 x $338,062,216 = $5 million.) Reallocate this waste to west side flood protection for 20 years = $100 million. Add the $80 million Four Square assets to it and you have the $180 million the LOST tax increase was supposed to raise for west side flood protection. There is no need for a LOST tax increase. Just reallocate and use some of the city waste along with the Four Square money Liz Mathis was protecting, hiding or whatever—and west side flood protection is paid for!!

In addition to Liz Mathis, here are some notables and their relationships with Four Oaks etc., as obtained from Mr. Richards. These are the folks playing with $79,969,653.00. Where did they get it? What’s next?? Stay tuned!!

Scott Olson, Four Oaks Board of Directors (Skogman Realty, present candidate for Cedar Rapids City Council). Scott Olsen founded OPN architects that was hired to “design” the $176,000 per unit “rehab” of the subsidized/low income Brown Apartments

Kraig Paulsen, Four Oaks Board of Directors (R) Iowa Speaker of the House, paid corporate attorney for CRST

Former City CR City Councilman Jerry Mc Grane, Four Oaks- Affordable Housing Network Board

Former City Council Member Dale Todd, hired by Hatch to “make things work with the City Government” for Hatch Development. (Todd called in on Mickelson In the Morning to refute Richards and Franks, but ran and hid from their invitation to appear at a public forum to discuss the issues they raised!!)

Emily Meyer, AHNI/Four Oaks Board member, Real Estate Developer for Ryan Company, General Contractor for the $176,000 per unit “rehab” of the Brown Apartments.

Senator Jack Hatch of Des Moines -paid consultant for tax shelter strategy and public funding for “The Brown Apartments” -the Four Oaks project that was funded with City, State, and Federal funds that paid $176,000 per unit to rehab apartments in an existing structurally sound building.

CRST former President/primary owner John Smith donated $1 million dollars for Jim Ernst/Four Oaks-Affordable Housing

Can anyone imaging spending $176,000 to build each apartment unit in an apartment complex? Weren’t we talking about flood victims and flood recovery??


Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: cid:436EFAED-0EAF-4A97-A93F-DCBB2D63D3C2

Wonder who is in charge of damage control at Four Oaks, Liz Mathis’ Senate 18 campaign and the C. R. Chamber of Commerce—if not the Gazette–for being scooped on the story!! It is very embarrassing that honest Cedar Rapids folks have to drive to Des Moines to find someone in the media who will listen to corruption in Cedar Rapids—without attacking and discrediting them!!!

Stay tuned—

Iowalive A growing network of volunteer citizens and professionals for improving Iowa.

*Would mayor Corbett, the city manager, or anyone on the City Council, or at the Gazette, or smooth talking Liz Mathis—dare to claim $5 million is not wasted per year in the Cedar Rapids city budget? On what grounds could such a wild claim be based? These would be the first city officials etc. in the world to claim a 98.5% city operating efficiency—based on only 1.5% claimed waste.


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