Repressed memories

Did you know that your mind will protect you from the truth if you experience a traumatic situation? I learned this the hard way after being put through the 2008 floods when I had a memory of being kidnapped and put into the backseat of a car when I arrived back in Iowa from Texas in 1989 when I was on my way to see my grandfather who was  Mercy Hospital in Cedar Rapids.  This memory of the parking lot startled me.  It almost seemed too bizarre to be true.

I first had the revelation in June 2008 at VanVechten Park in Cedar Rapids, Iowa while I was rummaging through my belongings in the trunk of my car.  When I shared this with my therapist I had seen for five years due to my ‘trust issues’ he almost seemed relieved! My therapist might have been relieved because he was able to ‘solve the puzzle’ but it opened a whole new can of worms for me.

I am a cynic. I always have been.  As a young child I questioned Santa and the Tooth Fairy.  I didn’t believe it was possible to simply forget something so traumatic and critically life altering.  I lost a year of  memories over this! If it happened to me it could happen to anyone.

What else is my mind protecting me from?  Why would my mind allow me to remember such a crazy and scary thing during the natural disaster– a time in my life when I didn’t need any ‘new issues’.  This is not something I have openly talked about because it is still something I am sorting through.  It is however something I would like to discuss and explore.

Repressed memory:


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