My drive

I was picking up my medication from Medical Pharmacy, where I have been a dedicated customer of Jim’s for years when I decided to take a drive down 15th Street SE just to see what the neighborhood looked like (I hadn’t been over there since the snow melted) and what I saw was a dreamy and familiar neighborhood only to go home to a neighborhood that the city hired outside contractors to blight for millions of dollars.  I was sad not because the SE side looked so great but that the West Bank wasn’t ‘worth saving’.  It makes me angry because there is all this talk about building communities and the city won’t allow us to rebuild ours without a fight.

We will not go down in history as a neighborhood that didn’t fight because we have done nothing but fight.  Some of the people had no choice but to sell out and others are struggling to get by.  Now this LOST sales tax that I voted on has stipulations?  I don’t think so.  If that is the case I want my vote back!

I have a small meeting set up with the Mayor tomorrow but want to make certain I get down to the Boat Harbor to show my support to them because despite the boathouses were floating right by my house they too, were bound by restrictions that could have saved the houseboats that were lost.

Thanks for reading-more updates to come!


About Ajai Dittmar

There is nothing 'radical' about wanting to save your historical neighborhood! There is nothing 'negative' for wanting an 'outside investigation' done a public service that has had a lot of embarrassing news, especially when they don't do their jobs! There is nothing 'odd' about wanting politicians to uphold the Constitution they swear to uphold when they are sworn into office! Follow @sibzianna View all posts by Ajai Dittmar

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